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The Asase Shrine (Japanese: 浅瀬神社 Asase Jinja) is a subarea in Seirai Island. The shrine was established to suppress the lingering power of Kanna Kapatcir, also known as the Thunderbird.[1]





After Kanna Kapatcir was felled over Seirai Island, the Asase Shrine was established to manage the wards and suppress its lingering hatred.[1] The shrine was managed by the Asase Clan, and villagers from Koseki Village helped maintain the shrine and made offerings.

Around five hundred years ago, several years after the cataclysm drew to a close, a conflict erupted between Seirai's Ako Domeki and his crew, and Narukami's Shogunate. Asase Hibiki, the Head Priestess of Asase Shrine, decided to aid Domeki's cause by using the "true 'magic'" she learned from the Yougou Tengu to unseal the wards around Seirai Island.[2] This unleashed the Thunderbird's might, creating a massive Electro storm in the middle of the island and drawing the Thunder Manifestation to Amakumo Peak.

While most of Seirai was devastated and the inhabitants of Koseki Village were evacuated to Inazuma City, Asase Shrine itself has remained largely unaffected by the storm besides the loss of visitors. After Hibiki headed into the storm and never returned, the cat Neko has dubbed herself Asase Shrine's "Provisional Head Priestess."[3]

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAsase Shrine
Qiǎnlài Shénshè
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Qiǎnlài Shénshè
Asase Jinja[4]
Ford Shrine
Korean아사세 신사
Asase Sinsa
Asase Shrine
SpanishSantuario AsaseAsase Sanctuary
FrenchSanctuaire d'AsaseAsase Sanctuary
RussianСвятилище Асасэ
Svyatilishche Asase
Asase Shrine
ThaiAsase Shrine
VietnameseĐền AsaseAsase Shrine
GermanAsase-SchreinAsase Shrine
IndonesianAsase Shrine
PortugueseSantuário AsaseAsase Sanctuary

Change History

Released in Version 2.1


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