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The seven Archons are gods who each have high levels of control over one of the Elements. They directly channel the power of Celestia through a Gnosis, and can bestow their own power to humans through Visions.


The Archons are also known as The Seven; each Archon is associated with and worshipped by one of Teyvat's seven nations. The nation's elemental environment is based on its Archon's element.

An Archon's power is directly tied to their level of control over their nation. As a result, Venti—who travels as a bard and refuses to directly control the people of Mondstadt—is extremely weak, while the Tsarista is extremely powerful.

Humans whom the Seven have recognized will be given a Vision, a God's Eye, to wield the elemental powers of that Archon. Wielders of Visions are known as "allogene" and are also privileged with the chance of rising to godhood.

List of Archons

Emblem Element Nations Archon Theme
Element Anemo.png Anemo (Wind) Mondstadt Barbatos (Venti) Germany
Element Geo.png Geo (Earth) Liyue Rex Lapis China
Element Electro.png Electro (Lightning) Inazuma The Immortal Shogun Japan
Element Dendro.png Dendro (Nature) Sumeru God of Wisdom Middle East/India
Element Hydro.png Hydro (Water) Fontaine God of Justice France
Element Pyro.png Pyro (Fire) Natlan Murata? ?
Element Cryo.png Cryo (Frost) Snezhnaya The Tsaritsa Russia
Unknown.png ? Khaenri’ah ? ?

Note: The Cryo archon is addressed as Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya by the people, and it is unknown if she uses any other name.


  • Each gemstone used for ascension has the words and blessings of each Archon for the user.
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