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The Aphros Delos Chapter is Eula's Story Quest.

Act I: The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea

Once upon a time, a noble crown was forged in Mondstadt from the blood and tears of the common folk.
The west wind blew, and those chains were shattered, and that crown fell into the flowing river of the years, raising naught but a few tiny spindrifts.
Time may have gradually healed the wounds of that old era, but the scars can still be clearly seen.
And where, oh where, shall those "spindrifts" go?
  1. Shadow of the Past
  2. Speech and Etiquette
  3. Through the Motions, to the Heart


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAphros Delos Chapter
Làngmò zhī Zhāng
Chapter of Wave Foam
Làngmò zhī Zhāng
Hamatsu no Shou[!]
Korean물보라의 장
Mulbora-ui Jang
SpanishAphros Delos
FrenchAphros Delos
RussianМорская пена
Morskaya pena
Sea Foam
Bot Haeng Kliao Khluen
Chapter of the Waves
VietnameseChương Bọt Biển
GermanAphros Delos
IndonesianChapter Aphros Delos
PortugueseCapítulo de Aphros Delos

Change History

Released in Version 1.5