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An odd Ruin Grader that can be found lumbering amidst the thick fog that hangs over Tsurumi Island. It is significantly stronger than your average Ruin Grader.
For reasons unknown, it has appeared on this deserted island, along with the equally enigmatic ancient techniques that power it. Hosseini has a strong academic interest in this Ruin Grader and would like you to defeat it, all the better for his research to continue.

Anomalous Model Ruin Grader is an Event Enemy that is a part of the Humanoid Ruin Machines enemy group and the Automatons family, encountered during the Shadow of the Ancients event.

Abilities and Attacks

Names are unofficial (except Self-Repair)

All of the Anomalous Model Ruin Grader's attacks deal Physical DMG.

  • 4-Slam Combo: Performs the following attacks subsequently: a sweep with its arm and a stomp. While stomping, weak points are exposed on its lower legs. If one of the leg weak points are destroyed, it will fire its laser, exposing another weak point and allowing it to be fully paralyzed. It will perform this attack twice. The Ruin Grader targets Pursina's Spikes when using this attack.
  • Self-Repair: When its HP reaches critically low, the Ruin Grader will become stunned but invulnerable, slowly regenerating its HP back to full.
  • Enhanced State: Provides the Ruin Grader with new abilities and attacks, and immunity to Frozen and Petrification. In the Enhanced State, the Ruin Grader will always target the player instead of Pursina's Spikes.
  • Chaotic Slam: The Ruin Grader raises both of its arms to perform a powerful ground pound which also unleashes a powerful shockwave over a large AoE around him. This is the first attack the Ruin Grader performs once it enters the Enhanced State.
  • Orb Shower: Fires a large orb which will continuously rain down three orbs in a triangle formation around the player character twice for a total of six orbs.
  • Charge Stomp: Using its booster, the Ruin Grader can now lunge towards to perform a powerful charge stomp twice.
  • Chaotic Rush: The Ruin Grader performs a three hit combo followed by a jumping slam before firing its laser directly in front of it.
  • Bulldoze: The Ruin Grader connects both of its arm together to shape it like a bulldozer, ramming the player character before ending it with an upward and downward slam.



To defeat the Anomalous Ruin Grader, charge all the spikes to 100%. When all three spikes are fully charged, it will immediately trigger the death of the Ruin Grader. If any of the three spikes loses health, or if time runs out, the challenge fails.


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAnomalous Model Ruin Grader
Yíjì Zhòngjī Tèyì-tǐ
"Ruin Heavy Machinery: Unique Model"
Yíjī Zhòngjī Tèyì-tǐ
"Iseki Juuki Tokui-tai"
"Ruin Heavy Machinery: Unique Model"
Korean「파멸의 유적 가디언 변이체」
"Pamyeol-ui Yujeok Gadieon Byeon'iche"
"Ruin Guardian of Destruction Variome"
SpanishDemoledor de las Ruinas anómaloAnomalous Demolisher of the Ruins
FrenchColosse des ruines anormalAbnormal Ruin Colossus
RussianАномальная модель руинного молотильщика
Anomal'naya model' ruinnogo molotil'shchika
ThaiRuin Grader โมเดลพิเศษ
Ruin Grader moden phiset
Extra Ruin Grader Model
Vietnamese"Mô Hình Di Tích Dị Thường"
GermanRuinenkoloss-SpezialmodellRuin Colossus: Special Model
IndonesianAnomalous Model Ruin Grader
PortugueseColosso das Ruínas EspecialSpecial Ruin Grader

Change History

Released in Version 2.2