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Angel's Share is a tavern that can be found in the City of Mondstadt. They sell drink-based Food items, purchased by speaking to Charles. It restocks daily. The map icon is UI Angel's Share.png.

Angel's Share was opened by the Dawn Winery and once held a monopoly over Mondstadt's wine industry. However, since Diona was hired as bartender for Cat's Tail, the rival tavern has become a challenger overnight — but still sees less sales than Angel's Share.


The tavern is established and funded by the long-standing Dawn Winery. According to Charles the bartender, a small portion of the liquor in cellars would be absorbed by their barrels and also evaporated during distillation, so the brewers often refer to this lost portion as "the share of angels." Thus, the tavern's name: Angel's Share.

World Map description


The Angel's Share shop menu can be accessed by speaking to Charles.

Item Item Mora.png Stock Total
Wolfhook Juice Wolfhook Juice 1,500 2 3,000 Daily
Berry & Mint Burst Berry & Mint Burst 1,500 2 3,000 Daily
Apple Cider Apple Cider 1,500 2 3,000 Daily
Total cost for all items


Name Role Status
Diluc Owner Active
Charles Bartender Active
Patton Caller Active


The NPCs located inside Angel's Share; varies depending on time of day.

Dawn Winery Recruitment Guide

To the battle-hardened connoisseurs of fine wines and fighting arts:
The fine wines meticulously brewed at the Dawn Winery have always quenched people's thirst for the finest liquor. Furthermore, the tax revenues generated by the Winery along amounted to 11.4%* of the annual expenditure of the Knights of Favonius last year. We are grateful for your patronage and proud to support Mondstadt and its people.
But the prosperity we enjoy today may be at risk.
In recent years, the number of wild monsters has dropped considerably under the repression of the Knights of Favonius. The lives and property of people have been safeguarded, but wildlife has proliferated inordinately due to the lack of natural predators.
Although the Winery has made it its highest priority to secure the vineyard, an average of 10 or more vines are uprooted by boars every week. If this situation persists, the yield of our vineyard will decrease dramatically.

As such, the Dawn Winery is looking for skilled fighters like you, who aspire to preserve Mondstadt and its fine wines:
Visit the Dawn Winery with your best gear today! Join us in safeguarding the Dawn Winery and Mondstadt!

*Estimated value based on data from previous years. Any figures stated do not represent the official financial situation of the Knights of Favonius.

Message Board for Employers and Job Seekers

Job Board: "Applicants can leave a short self-introduction, career interests, and contact information here."
Job Board: "Employers can write down job requirements and contact information."
Paimon: ...Why is every recruitment message posted here from the Mondstadt Branch of the Adventurers' Guild?
Paimon: Is the Adventurers' Guild having a talent shortage?


  • Angel's Share is real-world wine brewers' slang, with the same meaning that is used in the game.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0