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Sometimes in the wild you may see a mysterious kind of life form called an Anemogranum. These curious beings will follow travelers around. Gather several Anemograna together to form a wind current.

Loading Screen: Anemograna

Anemograna are Grana that appear on the ground in sets of three. Each individual granum appears as a bluish fairy rotating around a very small updraft. The grana can be collected by running into them. The grana will then become attached to the player for a limited time and decrease their stamina consumption, after which it respawns in its original location and must be collected again. If the active character collects all three Anemograna in an area, a Wind Current is created at their current location. Some Anemoculi can only be collected using this method, or their collection is made significantly easier by using Anemograna, provided that all of the required Anemograna can be found in time, as some are more hidden.

Anemograna can be found in Mondstadt, including Dragonspine. The Anemograna in Dragonspine have mutated to accommodate their environment.[1]

Wind Currents

Anemograna found in Confront Stormterror

When three Anemograna are put together, their power is released and a small Wind Current on your location is temporarily formed. This effect can be triggered early by hitting the Anemograna with Anemo damage (e.g. Anemo Traveler's Elemental Skill). In Dragonspine, this effect can be triggered with a Cryo skill instead (e.g. Kaeya's Elemental Skill).

After a certain period of time, the Anemograna will return to their original locations and any Wind Current created will lose its effect. However, in Confront Stormterror, platforms affected by Energy Rain will have their Anemograna instantly and permanently activate Wind Currents.

Wind Catchers

Forging Wind Catchers allows you to store up to 5 Anemograna charges at a time and unleash them in a designated location. Its blueprint is obtained by reaching Mondstadt Reputation Level 3.

A good place to find Anemograna for the Wind Catcher is just south-west of Windrise.


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Released in Version 1.0