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A small monster created by the coalescing of Anemo dispersed throughout nature.
It is able to float in the air due to the power of Anemo.

Anemo Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms comprised of condensed Anemo energy. They are immune to Anemo damage. They can inflate like a balloon to launch attacks. While in the inflated state they can be killed instantly if they take any damage. When defeated, Anemo slimes will produce a burst which can push the player away. When knocked off the ground, they will enter their inflated state and will try to get back to the surface they were on and float down slowly.


Behavior and Attacks

Anemo slimes will bounce to move around while in combat. They will not attack the player from the point-blank range, but will instead move away from their target first. Upon distancing itself from the target they will jump up a bit and inflate before deflating to launch itself at their target.

After completing the attack, it will immediately begin to move away again, preparing for the next attack.


Floating Anemo Slime

It is the easiest to kill the Anemo slime while it is in its inflated state. Timing is important, as the slime stays inflated for about a second. As it inflates outside the players melee range, using a Bow character is recommended, or a character that has a Elemental Skill/Burst that affects a large AoE.

You can shorten the time of its attack by moving away from it, so it reaches the attack distance faster.

Floating Anemo Slimes

Floating Anemo Slimes are found throughout several locations in Teyvat. These Anemo Slimes are rather harmless, and can be seen floating around trees, columns, etc. Popping out all Anemo Slimes will reveal a Chest.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0