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Andrius, also known as Lupus Boreas (Latin: "Wolf of the North Wind"), was a powerful god in Mondstadt best known for his war against Decarabian, the God of Storms, during the Archon War. Towards the end of the era, Andrius chose to let his physical body die, leaving behind his spirit to watch over the land of Mondstadt.

Andrius later became one of the Four Winds tasked with protecting the nation under the request of the Anemo Archon Barbatos. At some point in time, he took up residence in Wolvendom, where he can manifest a temporary form made of ice and wind to do battle against those who take up his challenge. After completing Act I of Razor's Story Quest, "The Meaning of Lupical," Andrius can be fought in the Wolf of the North Challenge, and successfully completing the challenge yields rewards once per week.



A noble soul that watches over Wolvendom. When the safety of the wolves is threatened, it will take the form of a wolf and show its fangs and claws. It is said that its powers were given to it by an ancient god.

The noblest and greatest of souls, who watches over the lupical of Wolvendom.

When the wolfpack is imperiled, it will emerge in the form of a wolf and show forth its fangs and claws.

The wolves of Wolvendom are frightening phantoms to the people of Mondstadt:
A blurred shape flashing through the forest, a chilling howl in the indeterminate distance, the creeping sense of eyes constantly nailed to their backs...
Humans rarely have the opportunity to lock their eyes with a wolf, for this is the law Lupus Boreas laid down for its race.

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Andrius is described as a "noble soul". Having come to view human society as a disappointment, Andrius only takes in abandoned infants, whom he sees as blameless and pure, and outcasts into his "lupical." Nonetheless, he still prevents them from getting involved in wolven matters, as they are not wolves.

Despite his disappointment with humanity, Andrius is not aggressive towards them, as after Decarabian's fall, he ceased his attacks and cooperated with Barbatos to become one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt.


Andrius' true appearance remains unknown. As the Dominator of Wolves, Andrius takes the form of a large bluish-colored Wolf.

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Long in the past, Andrius' powers were given to him by an ancient god.[4] It is currently unknown who this god was, but this put Andrius on the level of a god himself.

Sometime during the Archon War, hostility arose between Andrius and Decarabian. Andrius declared war on Decarabian while Decarabian enclosed his capital city — the area now known as Stormterror's Lair — within a storm wall,[1] thus starting the era known as the Age of Kings.[5] They reached a stalemate: Andrius failed to land even a scratch on the Lord of the Tower,[6] while Decarabian was either incapable of — or uninterested in — defeating Andrius. However, Decarabian's people grew discontent with his rule. 2600 years ago, they rose up against him with the help of Barbatos, culminating in Decarabian's death.[7][8]

At some point during the Archon War, Andrius decided that he was unworthy of becoming the Anemo Archon due to his perceived lack of love for humanity that an Archon ought to have.[9] Realizing his blizzards could only take lives and not nourish them, he chose to pass on, letting his power flow into the land to nurture it and its people.[10] It is unclear when exactly this occurred relative to Decarabian's death, but it was likely around the same time or right beforehand.

Upon the death of his physical body, part of Andrius' spirit and power took on its current icy form. However, this form is incapable of harnessing his full abilities.[11] Around 1000 years ago, after Vennessa's rebellion against the Mondstadt Aristocracy, Andrius officially became one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt, while the Knight of Boreas — a position that currently holds an unknown relationship to him — joined the newly established Knights of Favonius. In the past, the Temple of the Wolf located near the Thousand Winds Temple was used to worship him, but it has long been abandoned, while Andrius' spirit dwells on the other side of Mondstadt.

Andrius would eventually become the leader of a group of wolves in Wolvendom, while continuing to accept abandoned infants into his pack. Sometime before the start of the game, he found and took in Razor. The Knights of Favonius' current Grand Master, Varka, is also the current Knight of Boreas. Before he went on his expedition, he would occasionally visit Wolvendom;[12] however, his relationship to Andrius is currently unclear.

Story Quests

Sometime after the Stormterror Crisis was resolved, Springvale was attacked by rifthounds, which the residents of the village blamed Andrius' wolf pack and Razor for despite Razor's insistence that they were not responsible. After hearing the arguing, Andrius emerged and challenged both Razor and the Traveler to prove their conviction. Upon being satisfied, he informed the group that Razor was telling the truth and told Razor not to get involved in the upcoming battle between the packs, for he is a human and not a wolf.[13]

Archon Quests

When the Traveler goes to Wolvendom to investigate the Abyss Order, Andrius is once again briefly seen being restrained by the Abyss Herald, attempting to corrupt Andrius like how they did with Dvalin. After a short fight, the Abyss Herald is defeated and the wolf spirit is freed. Paimon asks Andrius about the "Field Tiller" (the codename of the first Ruin Guards), Andrius then explains that it has stumbled upon its territory, mistaking the machine as a challenger.[14] During the fight, Andrius dealt a damaging blow on the Field Tiller, who then fled the area. Furthermore, Dainsleif mentions that Andrius's body died long ago and that his spirit is what resides over Wolvendom.





  • Following the theme of gods in Genshin Impact being named after demons in the Ars Goetia, Andrius (Chinese: 安德留斯 Āndéliúsī) is likely derived from Andrealphus (Chinese: 安德雷斐斯 Āndéléifěisī), the 65th demon. In Johann Weyers' Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Andrealphus is instead the 54th demon.
    • It has also been theorized that Andrius is based on Andras, the 63rd demon who is said to be highly dangerous and rode on a black wolf. However, Andras' Chinese name, 安托士 Āntuōshì, has much less in common with Andrius' Chinese name than Andrealphus' does. For this same reason, Andromalius (Chinese: 安杜馬利烏士 Āndùmǎlìwūshì) is also a less likely name basis.
  • Boreas is the God of the North Wind in Greek mythology, directly relating to Andrius being the representative of the North amongst the Four Winds.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishLupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves
Běifēng de Wángláng, Bēnláng de Lǐngzhǔ
The King Wolf of the North Wind, the Lord of the Running Wolves
Běifēng de Wángláng, Bēnláng de Lǐngzhǔ
Kitakaze no Ourou, Hourou no Ryoushu[!]
The King Wolf of the North Wind, the Lord of the Running Wolves
Korean북풍왕랑, 울프의 영주
Bukpung-ui Wangrang, Ulpeu-ui Yeongju
The King Wolf of the North Wind, the Lord of the Wolf
SpanishRey Lobo del Norte, Señor de los LobosWolf King of The North, Lord of the Wolves
FrenchLoup du Nord, Seigneur du Territoire des loupsNorthern Wolf, Lord of the Wolf Territory
RussianЛупус Бореалис, Волчий лорд
Lupus Borealis, Volchiy lord
Lupus Borealis, the Wolf Lord
ThaiLupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves
VietnameseVua sói bắc phong, lãnh chúa Lang LãnhThe King Wolf of the North Wind, the Lord of the Territory of Wolves
GermanGroßer Wolfskönig des Nordens, Herr von WolfenlaufGreat Wolfking of the North, Lord of Wolvenrun
IndonesianLupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves
PortugueseLupus Boreas, Dominador dos Lobos

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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