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Andrei is an NPC in Liyue Harbor. He is the manager of the Northland Bank and can be found at the establishment during the day. At night, he will move to the Snezhnayan merchant area at the docks.



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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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Idle Quotes

During Lantern Rite:



Andrei: Welcome! How may I assist you today?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who are you?
Andrei: I am the account manager here at the Northland Bank. Feel free to find me for help with any matters you'd like to take care of in the bank.
Andrei: If you're interested in a loan, I can assure you that our interest rates are better than any of the local lenders you'll find around Liyue.
Andrei: You'll also find our savings accounts much more competitive as well. Our interest return on savings will surely be higher than any local lender!
Andrei: So no matter what your business may be, Northland Bank can always be the first to meet your banking needs!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the Northland Bank.
Andrei: This is actually a Snezhnayan bank that was opened here in Liyue Harbor. The building itself was constructed in accordance with the local Liyue style.
Andrei: However, many Liyue locals still seem to harbor some resentment towards our bank. They think that our presence here may be damaging the Liyue economy.
Andrei: But this clearly can be an opportunity that benefits everyone. As long as we can be fully integrated into the marketplace, the economy will only continue to grow more.
Andrei: As for our own nation's economy, we have the brilliance and foresight of Master Pantalone to thank.
Andrei: Oh, and we mustn't forget Her Majesty the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Andrei: We look forward to your next visit with us. Please find me for any business matters that require assistance.


Andrei: Welcome! How may I assist you to...
Andrei: Oh wait, I'm already off the clock now. What's the matter?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are you doing?
Andrei: I'm sure you've been enjoying all that Liyue Harbor has to offer?
Andrei: As a native of Snezhnaya, I was initially quite reluctant about being transferred to Liyue by the Northland Bank.
Andrei: But as I came to understand more about Liyue, I found myself liking it more and more.
Andrei: Things like the sea here and the city's atmosphere are all quite different from my home, haha!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about your home.
Andrei: My hometown is not quite as lively as the bustling city of Liyue...
Andrei: And I've completely fallen in love with the food in Liyue. With such a variety of colors, flavors, and aromas, the cuisine here is simply exquisite!
Andrei: But even so, I could never turn my back on Her Majesty the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Andrei: Goodbye...
Andrei: Ah, seeing as I still have to work tomorrow, I'll need to take the chance now to relax.

Event Dialogue

Lantern Rite

Unlike his normal dialogue, Andrei's dialogue does not differ between daytime and nighttime.

Andrei: This is my first time participating in the Lantern Rite. All in all, the atmosphere of the festivities is quite enjoyable.
Andrei: What fascinates me most though is the Mingxiao Lantern... Who would've thought that the people of Liyue could build a lantern so big.
Andrei: ...Watching the lighting and ascent of the Mingxiao Lantern must certainly be an unforgettable scene for everyone who participates in the Lantern Rite.
Andrei: I'm really starting to enjoy this city... No, no, I must remain loyal to the Tsaritsa...


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