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Ancient Rimes, colloquially known as Rimed Ice, are chunks of odd, glowing ice that cannot be melted using Pyro. To break them, the player must use the imbuement effect of Scarlet Quartz. When broken, Ancient Rimes may reveal Chests, Crimson Agates, or other objects or items. They are typically found in Dragonspine.

The Ice Shards featured in Dragonspine quests are more powerful Ancient Rimes, requiring three attacks using different Scarlet Quartz to destroy them.

Video Guides

How to Unlock the Statue of the Seven

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ancient Rime
Yuǎngǔ Jiān Bīng
Ancient Hard Ice
Yuǎngǔ Jiān Bīng
Japanese 古代堅氷
Kodai Kenpyou
Ancient Hard Ice
Korean 고대의 빙하
Spanish Hielo ancestralAncestral Ice
French Glace antiqueAncient Ice
Russian Древний иней
Drevniy iney
Thai แท่งน้ำแข็งโบราณ
Vietnamese Khối Băng Viễn Cổ
German Uraltes festes EisAncient Solid Ice
Indonesian Es KunoAncient Ice
Portuguese Gelo Ancestral

Change History

Released in Version 1.2