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Start the quest by going to the central lake at Mt. Aocang.

  1. Offer the Delicious Jewelry Soup
  2. Visit Cloud Retainer
    • Interact with the door to her domain to talk to her.
  3. Go to the Adeptus' abode and search for the "Dwelling in the Clouds" Blueprints
  4. Give the blueprints to Cloud Retainer
    • You will enter the domain and have to complete a time trial challenge. Reach the target location within 150 seconds (02:30 min). Slimes will spawn and grant +15 extra seconds per kill.
    • Rotate CW/CCW → 3 Hydro → 3 Pyro → Rotate CW → Activate wind current → Return, 3 Electro → Return to middle platform, rotate CCW → 3 Anemo → Rotate CCW → 1 Electro, 1 Hydro, 1 Pyro → Rotate CW/CCW
    • The puzzle can by skipped with the following Characters:
      • Geo Traveler can be used to skip the puzzles (and chests) by using Starfell Sword to climb up to the top of the tree on the starting island and gliding to the center platform.
      • If you have Venti, you can use Skyward Sonnet to glide to the middle platform, effectively skipping all the puzzles.
      • If you have Keqing, you can use Stellar Restoration to blink partway to the middle platform and glide down.
  5. Place the blueprints before Cloud Retainer


  • Once you rotate the first platform, the time challenge will begin.
  • If you fail to return the blueprints within the time limit or fall into the void, the domain will automatically exit.
  • There are strange green floating platforms scattered across the domain during this quest, which weren't present during the first visit to this story domain. They seem to be disappearing/appearing based on how close your character is, like most other interactive objects and not just part of the level itself. However, as of 3/1/2021, no purpose was found for those platforms. More investigation is encouraged.


Paimon: Ah! Paimon remembers. Doesn't that one adeptus who loves food live here?
Paimon: Last time, we had to offer tons of tasty food before she would even spare us her attention...
Paimon: Paimon wonders if she would answer us if we offer more food to her again...
(After offering Jewelry Soup)
Cloud Retainer: Who would disturb the tranquility of this adeptus? Ah, it's you two...
Cloud Retainer: And I see that you have also come bearing food again... Alright then, speak! You have my ear.

(Visit Cloud Retainer at her domain)
Cloud Retainer: State your business at once! One has a myriad matters to which one must attend. Waste not the valuable time of an adeptus!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Just wanted to see how you're doing...
Cloud Retainer: ...
Cloud Retainer: Your business is a novel one... You simply came to wish me well, and not to fulfill a wish of some other nature?
Cloud Retainer: Very well, so be it! Mortal minds work in mysterious ways... I have no interest in attempting to understand them.
Cloud Retainer: Since you are so demonstrably idle at present... Would you care to do me a small favor?
Cloud Retainer: Once upon a time, when I had made a modest breakthrough in my mechanical studies, I built for myself a Dwelling in the Clouds suspended in the air.
Cloud Retainer: This Dwelling in the Clouds was built principally from plaustrite, supported by a multitude of other ingenious features... In fact, its most marvelous feature of all was, was... Never mind, you would not understand even if I explained it.
Cloud Retainer: After construction of the Dwelling in the Clouds was complete, I left the blueprints there.
Cloud Retainer: I also added a seal, thinking that one of true affinity with the blueprints might eventually obtain them. But no — to this day, the seal stands.
Cloud Retainer: It now seems a needless bother to me to have the blueprints stored there. Perhaps you can retrieve them from the Dwelling in the Clouds for me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sure!
Cloud Retainer: Such enthusiasm. Then do not delay, deliver them to my abode when you have found them, for that is where I shall be waiting for you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are you gonna do with it?
Cloud Retainer: Naturally, I have my reasons. But please, do not presume that you could scrutinize an idea conceived in the mind of an adeptus.
Cloud Retainer: Delay no further. Deliver them to my abode when you have found them, for that is where I shall be waiting for you.
Paimon: She won't even bother showing her face... Well, good thing we brought some tasty food to offer her.
Paimon: You mean one dish is only enough to get her to speak? She sure is persnickety...
(If you return to Cloud Retainer without the blueprints)
Cloud Retainer: You still have not obtained the blueprints? But they are right there, in the Dwelling in the Clouds...
Paimon: Ugh, how'd she know we hadn't fetched them yet?
Cloud Retainer: Those blueprints are a work of my own hand, should I not be able to sense when they are in my presence? Now, fetch them forthwith!

(After picking up the "Dwelling in the Clouds" Blueprints)
Paimon: These must be the blueprints that the adeptus asked us for. Let's bring them back to her and see.
(Return to Cloud Retainer)
Cloud Retainer: I see you have obtained the blueprints. Now, hand them to me forthwith!
(Domain automatically starts)

Entering the domain

Cloud Retainer: Do not tarry. Hasten now, and deliver it to me. You have come this way before — or have you forgotten so soon?
(After reaching a dead end)
Paimon: Looks like there's no way to get up from here...
Paimon: Where's a wind current when you need one?

(Placing the blueprints before Cloud Retainer)
Cloud Retainer: These are indeed the blueprints for my Dwelling in the Clouds. One is most pleased.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You still haven't said what you're gonna—
Cloud Retainer: Must you continue to question me? *sigh* Very well, considering you did make an offering...
Cloud Retainer: One has heard of a certain Jade Chamber that hangs in the air above Liyue, built by mortal hands.
Cloud Retainer: One has also heard that mortals value size above all else, and have on this basis proceeded to declare that said chamber is without parallel in all the world.
Cloud Retainer: Hmph! Such are the limits of mortal comprehension, that they fail to fathom the ingenuity of the adepti.
Cloud Retainer: Jade Chamber my foot! A glimpse at the most trivial of my mechanical accomplishments would reveal the Jade Chamber to be an utterly tedious and mundane piece of work...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sore loser much...
Cloud Retainer: Nonsense! I am no loser, nor am I afflicted with sores... I merely pity the foolish! These mortals, blind to adepti ingenuity, bedazzled by the crudest of craftsmanship...
Cloud Retainer: I fear that this will cause mechanics among mortals to develop in a woefully mistaken direction. It falls to me to point them down the right path.
Cloud Retainer: The matter at hand is concluded. Leave at once.
(If you talk to Cloud Retainer again)
Cloud Retainer: Whyever are you still here? Leave at once, and disturb me no further.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0