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Amos was an inhabitant of Old Mondstadt 2,600 years ago and the lover of its ruler, Decarabian, the God of Storms.[1][2] However, she would later come to participate in the rebellion against him, during which she presumably lost her life.

She was the wielder and namesake of Amos' Bow.


Amos was a huntress and specialized in bows.


From what can be seen of her in The Boy and the Whirlwind cutscene during Venti's story quest, Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land, Amos had long white hair.


Amos was genuinely in love with Decarabian, but she eventually realized that he ignored her pleas and wishes to see the outside world. This led her to participate in the rebellion against him, during which she believed that she would "finally hold his gaze." However, after he brutally — and likely fatally — attacked her, she realized he never loved her the way she had loved him.[2]


Amos slain in battle against Decarabian

For some time, Amos was Decarabian's lover. However, she came to realize that their relationship was not as reciprocal as she once believed, and this led her to become disillusioned with him.

At some point, she befriended the Nameless Bard, the wind spirit, a knight (who may have been Gunnhildr),[3] and a wandering Red-Haired Warrior.[4] Together, they led a rebellion against Decarabian, scaling his tower to fight him personally. It is suggested that she was slain in the battle alongside the Nameless Bard.[1][2]

Following the battle, the wind spirit ascended to godhood and became Barbatos, the Anemo Archon of The Seven. Gunnhildr remained by his side and personally crowned him with laurels after his ascension, but the warrior fell out with Barbatos after his ascension.[5]


  • Venti's use of the bow may be in memory of her, just as he assumed the Nameless Bard's form and lyre-playing so he could live out the Nameless Bard's dream in his stead.
  • She appears to be left-handed, based on how she drew her bow using her left hand in The Boy and the Whirlwind cutscene.