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Amidst Stormy Judgment is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Chapter II, Act II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow.


  1. Go to Komore Teahouse the following day
  2. Go to the Vision Hunt Ceremony
  3. Defeat the Raiden Shogun
    • Takes place in the Plane of Euthymia.
    • This is a scripted fight — after losing about 15-25% of her health, she will enact the Vision Hunt Decree, preventing the use of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst except for the Traveler's. (This does not prematurely end existing effects from Skills and Bursts. All Normal Attack talents can still be used, including Catalyst users' Normal Attacks, which still deal elemental damage.) About a minute after this, she will begin divine punishment, ending the fight and entering a cutscene.
    • The player must survive the fight until the Raiden Shogun administers divine punishment; suffering a party wipeout ends the fight normally, and the player will be teleported to outside the Komore Teahouse and must redo Steps 2 and 3.


(Upon starting or unlocking the quest)
Paimon: Inazuma's not such a bad place, Paimon's having a pretty good time! But... we should probably go and see about the "next operation" that Thoma and Ayaka were talking about, right?
Paimon: As usual, it's the first stop, Komore Teahouse. Are you ready to head over?

(Enter the teahouse)
Paimon: How strange... It's never this quiet here.
Taroumaru: Woof, woof... woof!
Paimon: Thoma's playing his ventriloquist game again, huh?
Paimon: Thoma... Thoma...
Taroumaru: Woof! Woof! ...Woof!
Paimon: Hey, you can come out now... Paimon's seen you already...
Paimon: Huh, not a peep... Ugh, so where the heck is he, then?
Taroumaru: Woof, woof, woof! Woof!
Paimon: Huh? What's got Taroumaru so worked up today? He's always such a good boy...
(Ayaka comes running in)
Kamisato Ayaka: Hello, have either of you seen Thoma?
Paimon: No, we thought he'd be with you! Why, has something happened?
Kamisato Ayaka: Then it as I feared... On the way here, I heard that Thoma had been taken away by the Tenryou Commission.
Kamisato Ayaka: I wasn't certain whether it was true, so I came right here. The fact that he hasn't arrived here as we arranged suggests that it is true.
Kamisato Ayaka: The Raiden Shogun is holding a Vision Hunt Ceremony at the Statue of the Omnipresent God today, to mark the 100th Vision seized under the decree.
Kamisato Ayaka: And the 100th Vision bearer in question... the one who will have their Vision seized, I fear... is Thoma.
Paimon: Hold up a second... So the ceremony that Thoma said the Tenryou Commission was busy preparing for... that was this Vision Hunt Ceremony? And he was the target all along?
Kamisato Ayaka: ...I believe so. The shogun and the Tenryou Commission see the ceremony as a milestone. With the 100th Vision, they wish to mark the success of the Vision Hunt Decree to date.
Kamisato Ayaka: ...This cannot happen. I must go and rescue him!
Taroumaru: Woof, woof! Woof!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Stay calm.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But you are the Shirasagi Himegimi.
Paimon: Yeah! Like it or not, you represent the whole Yashiro Commission. So if you go and pull a stunt like that, you're basically declaring you and the Raiden Shogun are enemies now, right?
Paimon: And by doing it so publicly, you might be implicating a lot of other people from the Yashiro Commission, too...
Kamisato Ayaka: There is no other option... I must act with haste — the ceremony is about to begin. I will not abandon Thoma like this.
Kamisato Ayaka: He is my friend! To think that not long ago, we were... all eating hotpot together...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He is my friend, too. I will save him.
Kamisato Ayaka: But...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You said it yourself. No time to delay.
Kamisato Ayaka: ...
Kamisato Ayaka: ...Okay, I'll... wait here for your return. Get back safely.
Paimon: Don't worry, Ayaka. A friend's life is on the line — we ain't about to mess this up!
(Talk to Ayaka again)
Kamisato Ayaka: Please be careful...
(Talk to Taroumaru again)
Taroumaru: Woof, woof... woof!

(Upon arriving at the Statue of the Omnipresent God, a cinematic begins)
(Paimon and the Traveler approach the crowd to see Thoma kneeling on the ground guarded by two Shogunate officers)
(Raiden uses Electro powers and Thoma's Vision sparks with electricity and detaches from his waist)
(His Vision flies through the air towards Raiden, but is intercepted by the Traveler)
(The officers charge at the Traveler, but the Traveler swiftly takes them down and tries to cut Thoma's restraints)
(Raiden descends on a staircase of Electro platforms)
Raiden Shogun: Capable of using elemental energy without a Vision...
Raiden Shogun: You are an exception, it appears
Raiden Shogun: Exceptions... the enemy of Eternity
(The Traveler prepares to fight as Raiden draws a sword from her chest)
Raiden Shogun: You will be inlaid upon this statue
(Raiden slashes the air in front of her causing darkness to engulf the Traveler)
(A gravel floor materializes underneath the Traveler and torii raise from the ground)

(Upon the start of the battle, one of the following lines is said)
Raiden Shogun: You are that which is furthest from Eternity. Exceptional.
Raiden Shogun: There is much to verify about you.
(At around 75% HP)
The Vision Hunt Decree is in force. Except for the Traveler, characters cannot use Elemental Skills or Bursts...
(Around 40 seconds later)
The moment of judgment has arrived. Divine punishment will be administered...
(A cinematic begins)
(The Traveler runs in to attack Raiden, but is struck down by lightning)
(The area dissolves away to reveal the city again)
Paimon: Wake up, wake up!
(Thoma tries to cut through the rope around his hands on a nearby polearm)
(Paimon shakes the Traveler in an attempt to wake them up)
(Raiden walks up to the Traveler and raises her sword to strike the unconscious Traveler, when Thoma manages to free himself and throws the polearm at her, forcing her to block)
(Raiden deflects the attack, sending the Traveler and Paimon back)
(Thoma catches the Traveler and picks them up and together escape across a gorge)
Soldier: Sh—Shogun... Who... was that?
Raiden Shogun: Seize (him/her) under the decree
Raiden Shogun: Next time, I will strike twice

Change History

Released in Version 2.0