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Anemoma Smithy is the weapon shop and forging station in Inazuma.


In the Inazuman arts of sword-making, there is the tradition of the "Raiden Gokaden," five schools of the craft, of which the Amenoma Art is one. They will have no part in any cheap tricks in their smithing technique. Nay, they have only time for only boundless passion and willpower, which they pour into every hammer-stroke — thus are the Amenoma Art's works known throughout the entire Inazuman martial scene!

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Amenoma Smithy Advertisement Board: Due to my old age, only orders for forging exquisite Jade Steel swords and knives will be accepted.
Amenoma Smithy Advertisement Board: If you are looking to forge everyday ironware or ordinary weapons, please visit my disciple Hajime instead. Do not disturb me!


The Amenoma Smithy shop menu can be accessed by speaking to Hajime. He has identical stock to Wagner and Master Zhang.

Item Item Mora.png Stock Total
Silver Sword Silver Sword 600 1 600 Daily
Old Merc's Pal Old Merc's Pal 600 1 600 Daily
Iron Point Iron Point 600 1 600 Daily
Pocket Grimoire Pocket Grimoire 600 1 600 Daily
Seasoned Hunter's Bow Seasoned Hunter's Bow 600 1 600 Daily
Total cost for all items

Change History

Released in Version 2.0