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Amakumo Peak (Japanese: 天雲峠 Amakumo-touge) is a location in Seirai Island, Inazuma.

Long ago, Kanna Kapatcir was slain here, while the power of its lingering hatred and regret was suppressed by wards maintained by the Asase Shrine. During the Seirai Rebellion around 500 years ago, Asase Hibiki unsealed the wards, causing the Thunder Manifestation to appear and devastate the area with a massive Electro storm.





Normal Bosses

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Points of Interest

Name Description Picture
The Summit The fragmented summit of Amakumo Peak is now home to the Thunder Manifestation. This area is unlocked and navigated as part of Seirai Stormchasers: Part IV. Amakumo Peak Summit.png
The Lake The lake at the base of Amakumo Peak is filled with Electro Water and the surrounding area is roamed by many Ruin Sentinels. However, by solving the Light-Up Tile Puzzle, a mechanism is unlocked that drains the water from the area and nullifies its Electro effect. After being drained, ruins leading to an underground settlement are revealed. Amakumo Peak Lake.png
Underground Ruins Available after draining the lake. Amakumo Peak Underground Ruins.png


The Lake

Amakumo Peak Puzzle Solution.png

At the center of the shoreline of the lake lies a Light-Up Tile Puzzle (see image for solution).

Solving the puzzle spawns an Exquisite Chest and the mechanism to the right unlocks. The clues for which tiles to light up are scattered across three areas on the island, with the position of the fire brazier acting as the anchor to match the position of the tiles in the clues with the position in the main puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, the lake will drain, revealing a large hole in the ground, an Electroculus, some additional Amakumo Fruit and three dormant Ruin Defender spawns.

Underground Ruins

After draining the water in the lake, a maze-like underground ruin is revealed. Inside the first level of the cavern houses another locked mechanism. Descending into the cavern spawns a locked Exquisite Chest and two more Ruin Sentinels. Defeating these Sentinels unlocks the chest and the mechanism. Activating this mechanism drains the water inside and reveals the second level of the cavern, an expansive maze-like ruin. Many dormant Ruin Sentinels and Hydro slimes can be found in the ruins.

Following the Seelie and navigating the ruins leads to a chamber containing an Electroculus and a Precious Chest, and awards the Wonders of the World achievement "Great Amakumo Peak." Activating the mechanism within the chamber drains the water from the bottommost part of the ruins, revealing two Precious Chests, some Amethyst Lump nodes, Electro Crystalflies and guiding the Seelie to its court.

1st Seelie

  • At the start of the puzzle, there is a Seelie located above the stone tablet outside the red gate. When the player approaches the Seelie, it moves through the red gate into the room.
(Interact with the Stone Tablet)
Stone Tablet: At the pool on high shall your treasure be nigh.
  • Interact with the red switch to change it to horizontal sign, then the red gate will open. Around the corner, there is another stone tablet next to the orange switch and orange gate. The orange gate leads into a room with a red switch and 3x Amethyst Lump.
(Interact with the Stone Tablet)
Stone Tablet: This device's flow shall your path forward show.
  • Change the red switch inside to horizontal sign and the orange switch to horizontal sign as well before going upstairs.
  • Follow the Seelie up the stairs to an orange gate and a red gate (Do the previous step to open these 2 gates).
  • The 1st Seelie rested at its court after the gates, follow the 2nd Seelie ahead for the following puzzle.

2nd Seelie

  • After dropping down the floor into two hydro slimes ambush, ignore the orange switch downstairs. (Changing it to vertical sign will close the orange gate on top of the stair.)
  • Follow the Seelie to bring it through the red gate.
  • Then, follow the stairs up to the 2nd floor and change the red switch to vertical sign. (The red gate on top of the stair is now closed, and the red gate that the Seelie passed through is now opened).
  • There is an opening on the floor beside the top of the stair which drops down to the Seelie.
  • After finding the opening to the Seelie, change the orange switch downstairs to vertical sign.
  • Climb back to the 2nd floor through the opening and follow the 2nd Seelie to its court, then follow the 3rd Seelie for the following puzzle.

3rd Seelie

  • Follow the Seelie and defeat several enemies along the way until the next gate puzzle. The Seelie will go through the big closed blue gate that lead to the final mechanism and the ruin's exit.
  • Go through the pre-opened red gate and blue gate.
    • Note: After the 2 gates, there is a blue switch in the small room behind the closed red gate on the right. Will come back to interact with this switch later.
  • Follow the path forward to the upper floor via stairs. There is a red switch behind an open orange gate and an orange switch behind a closed blue gate.
  • Change the red switch to vertical sign. Then, go downstairs to change the previously mentioned blue switch to vertical sign. (The blue gate above is now opened.) On the other end of the small room is a closed orange gate that lead to the hallway that the player came from.
  • Go back upstairs to change the orange switch to vertical sign. (The orange gate on the other end of the small room is now opened.)
  • Without further interaction with the switches, the big blue gate leading to the final mechanism is already opened. Interact with the final mechanism to open the exit. (The water covering the chests are drained at the same time.)
  • Follow the Seelie to its court and the treasure nearby.

Video Guides

How to Unlock Amakumo Peak

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Amakumo Peak
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese 天雲峠
Heavenly Cloud Pass
Korean 아마쿠모 마루
Amakumo Sanmaru
Amakumo Peak
Spanish Cumbre AmakumoAmakumo Peak
French Pic AmakumoAmakumo Peak
Russian Пик Амакумо
Pik Amakumo
Amakumo Peak
Thai Amakumo Peak
Vietnamese Đỉnh AmakumoAmakumo Peak
German Amakumo-GipfelAmakumo Peak
Indonesian Amakumo Peak
Portuguese Monte TenkumoMount Tenkumo

Change History

Released in Version 2.1