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All-Devouring Narwhal is a Character Card obtained in Genius Invokation TCG.


Shattering Waves Character Card SkillShattering WavesNormal Attack12
Deals 2 Physical DMG.
Starfall ShowerElemental Skill3
Deals 1 Hydro DMG. This character deals +1 DMG for every 3 extra max HP provided by Insatiable Appetite (Max +5). After this, Discard 1 card with the highest original Elemental Dice Cost in your Hand.
Ravaging DevourerElemental Burst32
Deals 1 Hydro DMG, deals 1 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby. Summons 1 Dark Shadow.

Dark Shadow
When played: Gain "Attack Power" equal to the Elemental Dice Cost of the devoured card with the highest Cost, and gain Usage(s) based on the number of devoured Cards with said Cost.
End Phase and when you declare the end of your Round: Deals Electro DMG equal to "Attack Power."
When your active character takes DMG: Reduce DMG taken by 1, then this card's Usage(s) -2.
Insatiable AppetitePassive Skill
(Passive) When battle begins, create 1 Deep Devourer's Domain.

Deep Devourer's Domain
Cards you have Discarded or used for Tune will be consumed.
For every 3 cards consumed, the All-Devouring Narwhal gains 1 extra Max HP. If there are at least 2 Cards amongst these that have the same original Elemental Dice Cost, gain another 1 extra Max HP. If all 3 Cards have the same original Elemental Dice Cost, gain yet another 1 extra Max HP.

Talent Cards[]

Lightless Feeding Equipment CardLightless FeedingStarfall Shower4
Combat Action: When your active character is All-Devouring Narwhal, equip this card.
After All-Devouring Narwhal equips this card, immediately use Starfall Shower once.
After your All-Devouring Narwhal, who has this card equipped, uses Starfall Shower to Discard 1 card: Heal this character for that card's Elemental Dice Cost (Once per Round)

Proficiency Reward[]

After reaching Proficiency 10, the following Dynamic Skin is obtained:
File:Lightless Feeding Equipment Card Golden.pngLightless Feeding4


Cryptic Creature: All-Devouring Narwhal

In the most fantastical of fables, or perhaps in the most rabid of ravings, the true stars in the depths of cosmos are just as full of life as on Teyvat, while the universe itself is akin to an ocean.
Perhaps the universe's infiltration of Teyvat has never ceased, and perhaps the drawing of borders around this world was the work of a higher will, meant to protect it.

Stage Appearances[]

All-Devouring Narwhal appears in 2 stages:

Sneku Icon SnekuAll-Devouring Narwhal's CruiseFriendly Fracas
Sneku Icon SnekuAll-Devouring Narwhal's CrySerious Showdown


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  • All-Devouring Narwhal has the lowest Health of any obtainable Character Card.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAll-Devouring Narwhal
Tūnxīng zhī Jīng
Star-Swallowing Whale
Tūnxīng zhī Jīng
Donsei no Kujira[1]
Star-Swallowing Whale
Korean별을 삼킨 고래
Byeoreul Samkin Gorae
Whale that Swallowed a Star
SpanishNarval DevoraestrellasStar-Devouring Narwhal
FrenchNarval stellavoreStellavorous Narwhal[• 1]
RussianВсепожирающий нарвал
Vsepozhirayushchiy narval
All-Devouring Narwhal
ThaiAll-Devouring Narwhal
VietnameseThôn Tinh Kình NgưStar-Swallowing Whale
GermanSternenverschlingender NarwalStars-Devouring Narwhal
IndonesianAll-Devouring Narwhal
PortugueseBaleia Devoradora
TurkishYıldız Yutan NarvalStar-Swallowing Narwhal
ItalianNarvalo DivoramondiWorldseater Narwhal
  1. French: Stellavore is a coined adjective made of stella- "star" and -vore "-vorous."

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