Alice is a character mentioned in Genshin Impact. A famous adventurer, she is the mother of Klee and the author of the Teyvat Travel Guides. She is also an elder within an organization known as the Hexenzirkel, as well as an alchemist.


Alice is a rather free-spirited person who shows little constraint, shown in the way she wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide. Both Jean and Albedo also comment that Klee takes after her mother in many ways.

Despite her destructiveness, Alice is also quite powerful and intelligent, taking inspiration from her adventures to draft various ideas and experiments, along with being skilled in a wide variety of activities.


In the past, Alice was friends and rivals with Mona's master. 50 years ago, Alice made a pact with Mona's master resulting in Alice taking possession of her diary.[1] Mona's master later sends Mona to retrieve it from Alice's successor — namely Klee — during Beyond This World's Stars.

Alice began writing the Teyvat Travel Guide at an unknown point in the past. It seems to have began circulating some time ago, as Jifang of the Wanwen Bookhouse claims the Liyue edition has been out-of-print for some time due to its unpopularity. The series is rather contentious due to its highly personal and subjective writing style, reading more like Alice's personal diary rather than an actual travel guide.[2]

While touring Liyue, Alice became acquainted with Zhongli, whom she described as "the sternest person" she knows.[3] It may have been during this tour that she encountered Echo and gave him the potion that cured his stutter — and compelled him to perfectly imitate those around him.[3][4]

At some point, Alice imparted Barbara with the "Idol Magazine" and inspired the girl to become an "idol," with the intent of making one idol in every nation of Teyvat and forming the "Teyvat Idols!" group. The plan did not quite come to fruition.[5] Alice also hand-crafted Dodoco, the fluffy stuffed doll tied to the clover on Klee's backpack. Klee named the doll, and claims it means "Klee's best friend."[6]

Three years ago, Alice and a yet-unnamed adventurer left their daughter, Klee, with Albedo of the Knights of Favonius, whom she was well acquainted with. Alice and her partner then left to "travel to somewhere dangerous and far away."[6]

Gliding Violation

A tourist named Alice created a wind current at Windrise by blasting an Anemo Slime and used it to quickly climb to great heights with a wind glider. The legendary adventurer performed a series of aerobatic stunts in the skies above Mondstadt. Her performance earned a big round of applause from the crowd. However, Jean, the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, summoned her and gave her a 10-day detention.
- Gliding Instruction Manual


Alice is well-versed in a multitude of fields, including alchemy, astrology, magic, medicine, and science. She also seems to be a good teacher, passing her knowledge of explosives on to the young Klee.


  • Bomb-Crafting: She blew up several archways in Stormterror's Lair to make it easier to climb and make it look more ancient, and is currently experimenting on how to make a perfect Explosion Catalyst.[7]
  • Explosive Dolls: After being inspired by Amber's Baron Bunny, Alice developed Dodoco and taught Klee how to make explosive plushies of her own.[7]



  • Potion Crafting: Alice's potions are potent, capable of curing people of things like speech impediments. However, they also tend to have side effects.[3]


  • Hilichurl-based Perpetual Motion Machine (theoretical): After witnessing the massive factories in Snezhnaya that were powered by perpetual motion machines, Alice suggested using hilichurls in a similar fashion, by forcing them to run in huge ball-shaped cells to generate wind for Mondstadt's windmills. This idea was rejected.[7]
  • Launching Device (failed): Alice made a Launching Device to see if someone can fly to Celestia, using hilichurls as test subjects. They could only travel from the oak tree at Windrise to Springvale.[7]
  • Alice noticed that the mountainous area of Liyue, Jueyun Karst, was once sunk at the bottom of the ocean, and she assumed that one day it would be submerged again, due to having a large water reservoir underneath it.[3]
  • Prototype Self-Propelled Seashell Boat (failed): Seeking to convert the seashell house at Yaoguang Shoal into a boat, Alice made at least three prototypes for a self-propelled boat. However, she failed to control it and ultimately gave up.[3]
  • Attempts to Control Ruin Guards (failed): At Brightcrown Canyon, Alice attempted to control a Ruin Guard, which involved strapping a hilichurl to it. She failed dramatically: the Ruin Guard's body fell apart, while she decides to spare readers from the "gory details" about the hilichurl's fate. She also destroyed half of the ruins in Brightcrown Canyon in the process.[7]


  • Recolored the Wings of Feasting: Alice obtained the Wings of Feasting from another world and recolored it to suit her family's color scheme. It was originally blue, but she recolored it red.


  • Despite being well over 50 years old, likely in her 60s or 70s, Alice still remains youthful: she's able to have a daughter, Klee, and continue adventuring. It's likely that Alice does not age the same way others do.



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