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Alfry is a member of the Intelligence Department of the Adventurers' Guild.



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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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Alfry: Hey! Alfry here, from the Adventurers' Guild Intelligence Department.
Alfry: Got any intel you can share with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd like to ask about something.
Alfry: Ask away. Helping Guild members is also our duty.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the Adventurers' Guild.
Alfry: Ad astra abyssosque!
Alfry: Roughly speaking, we are a hub for adventurous friends who resolve all kinds of troubles for the people or organizations.
Alfry: We need to put food on the table, of course. So there will be rewards for completing commissions.
Alfry: Katheryne at reception takes care of visitors.
Alfry: Since you're interested, please pay them a visit!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about yourself.
Alfry: Me? I'm just an average person.
Alfry: Well... unless knowing everyone in Teyvat is something to talk about.
Alfry: It's not that incredible... The info came mostly from the resources of the Intelligence Department of Adventurers' Guild.
Alfry: I'm also a member of the Intelligence Department. Aside from contacting and guiding, gathering information is also part of my job.
Alfry: We've chatted for so long. I guess I can say we're friends now?
Alfry: Come on, tell me something about you!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Intelligence Department...
Alfry: The Intelligence Department does not take part in commissions most of the time. We help adventurers to complete commissions by providing them with information.
Alfry: In simple terms, our functions can be divided into "collection" and "organization."
Alfry: Our field staff, known as investigators, handle the collection of information. An example is Fischl — she is an exceptional investigator.
Alfry: Others, like me, remain at the back-end and organize the information we have collected, before providing it to adventurers.
Alfry: So you can say that the success of adventurers and the Intelligence Division's work are joined at the hip.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Have you ever met someone who looks like me?
Alfry: I know about you. You're the outlander who's just arrived in Mondstadt, right? I've had my eye on you since your arrival.
Alfry: So you mean to say that there is another person like you? Another traveler from a faraway land?
Alfry: ...How strange. To think that there were people in Teyvat who I had no knowledge of...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Alfry: Oh, you don't need my help?

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