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The Alcor is a warship anchored south of Guyun Stone Forest. It is the flagship of The Crux and, while it is normally helmed by Captain Beidou, she has returned to Liyue Harbor for business and left the ship to her men.

Climbing aboard the Alcor for the first time automatically triggers the World Quest "A Lone Ship In Guyun."


Most of the following crew members can be found aboard the Alcor.

Notable Features

  • A Lone Ship In Guyun (World Quest)
  • Chests:
    • 2 Common Chests (by Mora-Grubber)
    • 1 Exquisite Chest (by Mora-Grubber)
    • 1 Luxurious Chest (on a crow's nest towards the southern side of the ship)
  • Geoculus (at the very top of the highest crow's nest, above Xu Liushi)


Quest Only

Quests and Events

Archon Quests

World Quests


  • The name Alcor is derived from a star by the same name, which is one of the two stars that make up the handle of the Big Dipper constellation, tying into Beidou's name being the Chinese name for the Big Dipper.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0