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Albedo can be invited as a Companion into your Serenitea Pot after obtaining him and completing the World Quest Idle Teapot Talk.

Favorite Furnishing Sets

If a character's favorite furnishing set is placed in the same realm as the character for the first time, the character will automatically teleport to the furnishing set. Interacting with the character will initiate a special dialogue, after which the character will teleport back to their original position. Albedo has 2 Favorite Furnishing Sets:

Furnishing Set Image Rewards
Secret Research Lab Furnishing Set Secret Research Lab Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque Furnishing Set Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora

Idle Quotes

  • "My next research topic..."
  • "This line of inquiry..."
  • "Time to paint..."
  • "Fascinating..."
  • "The truth of this world..."

When the player is nearby:

  • "I thought it might be you."
  • "Hello."


Albedo: Hello, (Traveler).
Albedo: I heard the sound of footsteps from afar, and here you are.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do you like it here?
Albedo: Hm, I believe that the utopia referenced in literature would likely resemble this place.
Albedo: Peaceful and comforting, enough for one to forget the time while pouring oneself into research.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Remember to eat on time.
Albedo: ...
Albedo: Yes, of course.
Albedo: Ah, right...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You can tell me if you need anything.
Albedo: Hm... Let your creative instincts run unabated, and I should be quite content.
Albedo: I will often sketch my surroundings. Your arrangements in this realm also provide a source of inspiration for me.
Albedo: ...Thank you.
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 4)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Would you like to have a chat with me?
Albedo: Certainly.
Albedo: Uh... I will let you decide the topic of our conversation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You really like to draw...
Albedo: Yes, this is a habit that I formed long ago.
Albedo: Initially, it was for research purposes. I originally tried to reproduce subjects with a rubbing technique.
Albedo: However, the results were inadequate and lacked spirit.
Albedo: After that, I tried to learn how to draw.
Albedo: While refining my artistic skills, I unconsciously found myself engrossed in drawing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You really like to conduct experiments...
Albedo: Hmm, if you ask me, the world is a limitless library.
Albedo: There's a multitude of research topics for experiments...
Albedo: You can use your own hands to unearth unknown secrets and ultimately master new knowledge.
Albedo: This sort of feeling is captivating.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything else you're interested in?
Albedo: Hmm, anything else...?
Albedo: Probably you.
Albedo: At first, it was because you carry the aura of the stars.
Albedo: But now... it seems that there is more to it.
Albedo: Why is this? Give me some time and I can conduct experiments to find out.
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 7)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything you'd like to do?
Albedo: Heh, where should I begin...?
Albedo: In your company, I never lack inspiration.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png For drawing?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png For experiments?
Albedo: It's good for both drawing and experiments.
Albedo: And not just for these, but for many other things.
Albedo: Speaking of which... I used to think interaction with others was a waste of time.
Albedo: But after meeting you, I'd rather spend my time on you than other matters.
Albedo: This is a unique anomaly. I think I likely know the reason why.
Albedo: So can you also... give me more of your time?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll accompany you while you sketch.
Albedo: Thank you. Then, today's subject—
Albedo: You and your realm.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll accompany you during your experiments.
Albedo: Thank you. I'll guarantee your safety, as I've done before.
Albedo: We already understand each other quite well, don't we?
Albedo: By the way, after we're done. may I have the pleasure of inviting you to dessert with me?
Albedo: To continue our time together, and to thank you for your company.
(Between 6:00 and 19:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good morning, Albedo.
Albedo: Morning, (Traveler). I've already organized my next stage of research objectives.
Albedo: But should you have other arrangements, I don't necessarily mind revising my plans.
(Between 19:00 and 6:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good night, Albedo.
Albedo: Good night. May you have sweet dreams.
Albedo: ...You don't require me to read you a bedtime story, do you?

Special Dialogue

When a character is invited to or invites themselves to their favorite set for the first time, the character will provide a reward. They will provide a reward for each of their favorite sets.

Inviting them to the furnishing set again will replay the dialogue, but no further reward will be given.

Secret Research Lab

Albedo: This is a nice workshop. Looks like I will be able to continue my research here as well.
Albedo: Hmm, I believe that you must have acquired some sort of secret art that allows you to copy things from the real world, is this not so?
Albedo: If you don't mind, I'd like to conduct some further research with you. Perhaps it may be of some help to you.

Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque

Albedo: A fascinating copy... You have attended to every fine detail — even the feeling of the wilderness that one can only experience when adventuring themselves.
Albedo: Alright then. I'll go ahead and start sketching.
Albedo: Would you mind... if I make you the subject matter of my sketch?

Change History

Released in Version 1.6