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Albedo's Campsite is a small laboratory outpost in Dragonspine, that can be found along the path from the Entombed City - Ancient Palace leading to the Entombed City - Outskirts.

The laboratory is situated in a small cave on the side of the mountain. At the entrance are two lit braziers that warm up the player upon approach, along with a cooking pot that can be used to cook food or process ingredients. There are two workstations and four shelves, all stacked with research materials. There is also a Crafting Bench that players can use for Alchemy. Finally, various barrels and crates are scattered along the outpost, some of which can be investigated for ingredients.


Record Board

Icon Dialogue Talk.png Observe Record Board
Observe Record Board: (A board with experimental reports stuck onto it. The amount of incomprehensible content on it has increased once more.)
Observe Record Board: (...Well, whatever. You've helped him out, and that's what matters.)


Change History

Released in Version 1.2