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Captain Ako Domeki Zaemon (Japanese: 赤穗百目鬼左衛門 Akou Doumeki Zaemon) was a famous bandit and pirate from Seirai Island[1] who lived around 500 years ago,[2] best known for leading a rebellion against the Inazuma Shogunate.

He commandeered a fleet of over ten ships and helmed his flagship, "Seiraimaru". He was also the original wielder of "The Catch" and possessed Ako's Sake Vessel.[3]


Early Life

Following the cataclysm 500 years ago, Asase Hibiki retired from the Grand Narukami Shrine and returned to her hometown shrine, Asase Shrine. Domeki frequented the shrine and became familiar with her, and despite calling her a "naggy, fretful aunt," still listened to her stories and helped take care of the shrine. Neko thought of him as a "very tall and loud human"[4] as well as an "undignified glutton."[5]


Some years later, after the city at Ritou was built,[6] Domeki led a rebellion against the Shogunate. During one battle, he managed to defeat and steal a Maguu Kenki puppet,[7] a machine built based on Iwakura Doukei and his techniques. Ako Domeki grew in notoriety throughout Narukami Island, although Hiiragi Hiroshi believed he would still be no match for the actual Doukei, who was at the time the Kujou Clan's sword instructor.[6]

Although Domeki tried to deter Hibiki from becoming involved with his rebellion, she ultimately attempted to aid his cause by unsealing the Thunder Manifestation to destroy the Shogunate's ships.[1] While it was successful on that front, it also created a massive Electro storm in the middle of the island that destroyed most of the area in the process. Both Hibiki and Domeki headed into the storm, leaving Neko behind at Asase Shrine.[8]

In the ensuing devastation, Ako and his crew were swept away. His chief mate, Janome, and some of their other men, including the ship holding the Maguu Kenki, protected Domeki but became stranded on the Golden Apple Archipelago as a result.[3][7] Eventually, they managed to escape the Archipelago alongside the archipelago's other inhabitants,[9] although their ultimate fate is unknown.

Ako Domeki himself managed to return to Seirai Island, only to find it now in ruins. There he made his final vow — to fulfill Hibiki's wish to see the world in her place — and sailed away once more.[3]


  • Ako Domeki may be named after Doumeki (Japanese: 百目鬼) a hundred-eyed oni that appears in the local legends of Utsunomiya City in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.
    • He may also be named after the similarly named Dodomeki (or Todomeki, 百々目鬼 "Myriad (lit. "hundred-hundred") eyes demon"), a youkai that was cursed with having long arms covered in bird eyes due to its habit of stealing money. It is believed that Dodomeki is closely related to the aforementioned Doumeki.
  • The name Ako (Japanese: 赤穗 Akou, "red ear (of grain)") may be taken from the Akou Domain, the daimyo of which was the master of the Forty-seven ronin (Japanese: 赤穂浪士 Akou-roushi).


  • Ako Domeki addresses Asase as an "aunt," but it is left ambiguous whether the two are actually blood-related or if he is using an affectionate term out of courtesy for an older woman.

Change History

Released in Version 1.6