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Ako's Sake Vessel is a special refinement material for the weapon "The Catch".

Shop Availability

1 Shops that sell Ako's Sake Vessel:

Item NPC Fish Cost Stock Notes
Ako's Sake Vessel Ako's Sake Vessel Kujirai Momiji 4

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ako's Sake Vessel
Chìsuì Jiǔshēng
Chìsuì Jiǔshēng
Japanese 赤穂の枡
Korean 아코의 사케마스
Spanish Vasija para sake de AkoAko's Sake Pot
French Verre à saké d'AkoAko's Sake Glass
Russian Мера вина Ако
Mera vina Ako
Ako's Measure of Wine[• 1]
Thai Ako's Sake Vessel
Vietnamese Hộp Rượu Ako DomekiAko Domeki Wine Box
German Akos SakegefäßAko's Sake Vessel
Indonesian Ako's Sake Vessel
Portuguese Recipiente para Saquê de Ako
  1. RU: "Measure" here means "a receptacle or vessel of a standard size, capacity etc. as used to deal out specific quantities of some substance".

Change History

Released in Version 2.1