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Ah, Fresh Meat! is a quest that takes place in Dragonspine involving the Great Snowboar King. This quest rewards the Goulash recipe.


Start the quest by talking to Harris in Dragonspine Adventurer Camp.

  1. Obtain 10 pieces of Chilled Meat
  2. Speak to Harris
  3. Obtain the meat of the Great Snowboar King
    • Melt and kill all the encased boars in the area.
  4. Speak to Harris
    • Harris will give the player Recipe: Goulash
  5. Make Goulash and give to Harris
  6. Look for Harris at 18:00
  7. Speak to Harris



(Talk to Harris)
Harris: Just a few more ingredients to go...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's happening?
Harris: Hmm? Ah, Traveler. I'm just adding the finishing touches to an ancient recipe.
Harris: Not long ago, a team of explorers went on an expedition into the mountains. One of them is a friend of mine, an adventurer.
Harris: They didn't make it very far due to bad weather conditions. But, my friend did tell me that they happened upon an ancient ruin while they were taking shelter from the storm.
Harris: It was full of books and other records. Even... even a recipe. I don't know how it has survived intact for this long...
Harris: My adventurer friend passed the recipe on to me. He hopes I can revive the taste of the past.
Harris: In fact, I've never even heard of some of the ingredients that the recipe requires. Even some of the cooking techniques are new to me.
Harris: So, I'm cooking a modified version which only uses the most essential ingredients...
Harris: Would you be willing to help me gather the unusual ingredients from the recipe?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to me!
Harris: Nice to see you're so enthusiastic about this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What ingredients do you need?
Harris: I heard that a few boar somehow got lost in the mountains and became encased in ice... I'm curious to find out how such an ordeal affects the flavor of the meat.
Harris: So, perhaps you could fetch me ten portions of Chilled Meat.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg To clarify, you mean...
Harris: Yes, as in the meat of those frozen boar. Being encased in ice must keep it pretty fresh, don't you think? So, when someone tells me about some poor boar trapped in ice, all I hear is "Chilled Meat..."
Harris: Thanks for doing this for me. Come and find me once you've got the ingredients.
(Talk to Harris after obtaining the Chilled Meat)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png Here's your Chilled Meat.
Harris: Wow, this Chilled Meat looks pretty good to me... Now I just have one more ingredient left to find.
Harris: Have you heard of the Great Snowboar King? People say that it's a fierce beast dwelling deep in the mountains...
Harris: ...And recipes say that its exquisite meat is well-suited to any method of cooking...
Harris: Traveler, would you kindly run this errand for me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could I boldly inquire what's in it for me?
Harris: Don't worry, I have set something aside ready for your return.
(If Great Snowbar King's meat already in possession)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Huh... You mean, this?
Harris: What? Wait... Yes! How... Where? Is this pure coincidence, or...
Harris: ...Well, anyway... This means I now have all the ingredients I need.
(Talk to Harris after obtaining the Great Snowboar King's meat)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png About the Great Snowboar King meat you wanted...
Harris: Ah, you've managed to get your hands on some Great Snowboar King meat, have you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Here you are.
Harris: Well, in that case... That's all the ingredients accounted for.
Harris: While I was waiting for you to get back with the ingredients, I formalized my recipe. If one thing's certain, it's that this is definitely a far cry from the ancient recipe I started with...
Harris: But as long as the end result tastes good, I'm not concerned about how I get there. I think I'm going to name this dish "Goulash." Sounds exotic but it's very easy to make... Why don't you try for yourself?
Harris: Go on, give it a try. After you've made it once, you'll find it's easy to remember if you ever want to cook it again.
(Obtain Recipe: Goulash ×1)
(Talk to Harris after making Goulash)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png I made some Goulash.
Harris: Ah! You've finished?
(Opens food submission menu)
Harris: Delicious! Nice one, you're a natural.
Harris: Thanks for your help, and please accept these in return. I need to go cook for some other people now.
Harris: Oh, one last thing — come and see me again this evening, I'll give you another batch of this food.
Harris: If you're going to go adventuring in the mountains, you've got to make sure you eat right!
(Talk to Harris at night)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png I've come for my Goulash.
Harris: Right on time! It's all ready. Here you go. as promised.
Harris: Do eat it while it's hot. Remember, hot food is your adventure fuel.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.2
  • Ah, Fresh Meat! was released.