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  1. Talk to Wagner
  2. Go and check for crystal ore in Stormterror's Lair (0/3)
    1. Each of these spots the player has to check has 4 Crystal Chunk nodes.
  3. Give the Crystal Chunks to Wagner


  • The three spots will still count even if the ores are not present due to a player having mined them before starting the quest.


(Talk to Wagner)
Wagner: Traveler, do you have a moment?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What is it?
Wagner: Have you heard of Stormterror's Lair? It's those ruins outside Mondstadt.
Wagner: While Stormterror made the place his home, it was shrouded in a whirling, impassable storm. No one could pass through, so the precious crystal ore in there hasn't been mined.
Wagner: I've heard people say that the storm around the area has disappeared. That should have been a prime moment to go for the ore veins...
Wagner: ...But with so many places in the city needing repairs, our smithy's services are in high demand. Schulz can't hold the fort down alone either, so I can't leave.
Wagner: What say you go have a look, Traveler? If you find any crystal ore, bring some back with you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm on the case.
Wagner: My thanks. These crystal ores should help in forging and in restoring the city as well...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I have other things to do...
Wagner: That's no issue. We aren't in a rush. When I have time, I'll check it out myself.
(Cancel quest)

(Talk to Wagner before collecting the ore)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png So, about the ores...
Wagner: There's still much work to be done. I need to put my back into it...

(At the first location)
Paimon: So there are crystals here! Wagner will be pleased.
(At the second location)
Paimon: There's some over here too. Wowee, there's so many of them!
(At the third location)
Paimon: There's a ton of crystal here... Let's mine some and take them back to Wagner.

(Talk to Wagner)
Wagner: So, did you manage to mine any ore?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I have it right here.
Wagner: Let me see. Huh. These crystal ores actually don't look half bad.
Wagner: Here's your payment. Take it for your trouble.
Wagner: So, this means that the storm around Stormterror's Lair has indeed dispersed. I should make time to go there myself soon...

Change History

Released in Version 1.0