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They boldly venture "up to the stars, down to the abyss," or so their motto would have you believe. In truth, the take on jobs ranging from finding kittens to exploring domains. Well, you cannot afford to gaze at the stars or the abyss without an honest joy

World Map description

The Adventurers' Guild, indicated by Icon Adventurers' Guild.png icon on the map, is an organization that serves as an adventurer-for-hire service for the people and other organizations in the seven nations of Teyvat. The Guild collates all the complex word-of-mouth information it receives and redistributes it in the form of quests and adventures assigned to adventurers.

Little is known about the origins of the Adventurers' Guild. However, based on Lan's dialogue, the guild's main headquarters is based in Snezhnaya.

By speaking to Katheryne the players can:

  1. Claim Bonus Daily Commission Rewards
  2. Claim Adventure Rank Rewards
  3. Dispatch Characters on Expeditions


Ad astra abyssosque!

Adventurers' guild motto

The guild has several branches throughout Teyvat, one for each of the major regions. Each branch has a branch master who is in charge of formulating entrance exams for new adventurers.[1]

The guild has two departments, which are: the Intelligence Department and Recruitment Department

Intelligence Department

The Intelligence department of the Adventurers' Guild typically does not undertake commissions. Instead, they provide adventurers with vital information that they can use to complete their commissions. This department is split into two groups: the investigators and the organizers. The investigators are in the field and handle the collection of information, while the organizers take all of the information gathered by the investigators and organize it before providing it to adventurers.[2]

The organizers ranks the commissions based on difficulty (from Rank S to, presumably, Rank D) to help new adventurers adjust to the adventurer lifestyle, while also supporting veteran adventurers and allowing them to adventure more freely.[3]

The adventurers handle the commissions taken to the guild.


Mondstadt Branch

The Mondstadt Branch of the Adventurers' Guild, led by Cyrus, has a severe need for members. The message board in the Angel's Share is filled with recruitment ads from the guild. Cyrus even uses stories of dangerous adventures and bravery as a recruitment tactic towards the youth.








  • Hughes — Adventurer & Gliding Enthusiast
  • Roald — Adventurer


  • Although based in Snezhnaya, Fatui members are listed in the Adventurer Handbook as enemies.
    • Furthermore, the fact that some of the commissions they hand out lists Fatui as targets suggests that the Adventurer's Guild is completely independent from them.
  • Doolan finds the Adventurers' Guild uniforms as boring.
  • Fischl, Bennett, Dr. Livingstone and Katheryne do not wear the guilds standard uniform despite being members of the guild.
  • The motto "Ad Astra Abyssosque" is Latin for "To the Stars and the Abyss."
  • The eight-pointed star can be seen at the front and back of the standard uniform of the Adventurer's Guild.




Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAdventurers' Guild
Màoxiǎn-jiā Xiéhuì
Adventurer Association
Màoxiǎn-jiā Xiéhuì
Boukensha Kyoukai[4]
Adventurer Association
Korean모험가 길드
Moheomga Gildeu
Adventurer Guild
SpanishGremio de AventurerosAdventurers' Guild
FrenchGuilde des aventuriersGuild of the Adventurers
RussianГильдия искателей приключений
Gil'diya iskateley priklyucheniy
Adventurers' Guild
Ki la nak photya phai
Adventurers' Guild
VietnameseHiệp Hội Nhà Mạo HiểmAdventurer Association
GermanAbenteurergildeAdventurers' Guild
IndonesianAdventurers' Guild
PortugueseGuilda de AventureirosAdventurers' Guild

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.4
  • The emblems on the curtains of the Adventurers' Guild's Post in Liyue were removed.

Version 1.5

  • The player's active character changes to the Traveler when claiming bonus Daily Commission rewards.

Version 1.0

  • Adventurers' Guild was released.


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