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For the item used to add Character EXP to characters, see Adventurer's Experience.

Adventure EXP, also abbreviated to AR EXP, is used to raise a player's Adventure Rank.

How to Obtain


Most Archon, Story, and World Quests give Adventure EXP.

The four commissions that are available each day give 175~250 AR EXP each, depending on the player's Adventure Rank. An additional 500 AR EXP (fixed) is received upon claiming the Daily Commission Rewards from Katheryne after completing all four commissions.


Chest Type AR EXP Given
Common 10~20
Exquisite 20~30
Precious 30
Luxurious 30~60

Offering Oculi

Level Oculi Offering Quantity Adventure EXP
Anemo [subtotal] Geo [subtotal]
1 1[1] 2[2] 80
2 2[3] 4[6] 120
3 4[7] 8[14] 160
4 6[13] 12[26] 200
5 7[20] 14[40] 240
6 8[28] 16[56] 280
7 10[38] 20[76] 320
8 12[50] 24[100] 360
9 15[65] 30[130] 400
10/MAX Your efforts have been acknowledged!
Total 65 130 2,160 x2

Original Resin

50 Adventure EXP is obtained for every 10 Original Resin used:

Adventurer Handbook investigations

For every Adventurer Handbook investigation that is completed, the player will receive 100 AR EXP. The completion reward for each chapter, however, does not give any AR EXP.

Unusual Hilichurls

For every Unusual Hilichurl defeated, the player will receive 18 AR EXP.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
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