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Adonis' Abandoned Safehouse (unofficial name) is a Hidden Exploration Objective that takes place in Enkanomiya.


After obtaining the Secret Room Key, go to this location and open the door:

Enter the room and follow the passageway to come to a dead-end with two Exploding Barrels, detonate the barrels to show the way forward. Continuing through the crack will lead to a room with a puzzle with two mechanisms for switching between Whitenight and Evernight:

Adonis' Abandoned Safehouse Context 1.png

  1. Use the right mechanism to switch to Whitenight if not already in Whitenight
  2. Go to the left mechanism and switch to Evernight
  3. Activate the Dais of Day and Night (the blue cube) to open the nearby door
  4. Use the left mechanism to switch to Whitenight
  5. Use the right mechanism to switch to Evernight
  6. Go through the nearby door that opened
  7. Use the Places of Essence Worship
  8. Use the right mechanism to switch to Whitenight
  9. Go up to the disabled Triangular Mechanism — it should appear
    Adonis' Abandoned Safehouse Context 2.png
  10. Hit the Triangular Mechanism to open the door
  11. After going through the door, you will see a Sunfire Phantasm obscuring an Altar Pattern — use the right mechanism to switch to Evernight and then activate the Altar Pattern
  12. Continue through the passageway and swim through the water to reach a Precious Chest and a lever.
    • Pull the lever for a shortcut back to this room
  13. Go to The Altar at The Serpent's Heart and follow the procedure according to the Altar Pattern
    Altar Patterns 5.png

Change History

Released in Version 2.4