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Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel is a subarea in The Chasm: Underground Mines, Liyue.

Serving as the main entrance to the Chasm's Mines, it consists of two huge caves with a smaller one in between.




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Damaged Logs: (An aged diary. The pages bear some strange purple-black burn marks.)
Damaged Logs: "...The excavation team shall be disbanded today, and once the collected data has been properly organized, it shall be handed over to the messenger from the Huishan Hall tomorrow. It may be the work of Treasure Hoarders, so everyone must stay on alert..."
Damaged Logs: "The detailed data has been sent to the secretary at Yujing Terrace such that long-term implications for the Chasm may be estimated... A strange black mud-like substance was also discovered..."
Damaged Logs: "...Purple-black mud... below... people... something came through the crack in the door..."


  • There is an opening near the middle of the area which seemingly leads to the surface, however trying to climb it will trigger an out of bounds reaction. It should also be noted that no such exits can be seen on The Chasm's surface.


  • The word Ad-Hoc means "made only for a particular purpose or need, not planned before it happens",[1] based on this as well as localization of other languages, it can be hypothesised that the tunnel may have been dug in a hurry with no planing beforehand. It was strictly created to lead to the deeper parts of the mine.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAd-Hoc Main Tunnel
Línshí Zhǔ Kuàngdào
Temporary Main Mining Tunnel
Línshí Zhǔ Kuàngdào
Rinji Honkou[2]
Temporary Main Mining Pit
Korean임시 주요 갱도
Imsi Juyo Gaengdo
Temporary Main Mine
SpanishRuta Minera ProvisionalProvisional Mining Route
FrenchTunnel principal temporaireTemporary Main Tunnel
RussianВременная главная штольня
Vremennaya glavnaya shtol'nya
ThaiAd-Hoc Main Tunnel
VietnameseThông Lộ Tạm ThờiTemporary Avenue
GermanVorläufige HauptmineTemporary Mainmine
IndonesianAd-Hoc Main Tunnel
PortugueseRota Mineradora Temporária

Change History

Released in Version 2.6


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