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Accounts in Genshin Impact hold the data of the character's progress throughout the game.

Accounts can be created using a HoYoverse Account, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple ID, or Game Center.[1]

Players can participate in Co-Op Mode with players from other platforms, but not with those on different servers.

Players on PC, iOS and Android can change servers on the title screen. If the account already created a character on one server, the progress from the original server do not transfer to the new server, so the new server's character starts new. Both characters on both servers progress independently. The only thing connecting the two characters is the login method.



PC accounts can be created using HoYoverse Account, Facebook, or Twitter.


iOS accounts can be created using HoYoverse Account, Apple ID, Game Center, Facebook, or Twitter.


Android accounts can be created using HoYoverse Account, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.


Genshin Impact Server by PlayStation Network Region

PlayStation accounts are available on both PS4 and PS5. The region (server) the account is associated with depends on the region the PlayStation Network (PSN) account belongs to.[2] The account's region cannot be changed without creating a new PSN account.

PlayStation Plus is not required to play in Co-Op Mode.

The cross-save function between account for PlayStation Network and HoYoverse Account was added in Version 2.0.[3]

Cross Save

Cross Save is a system where the player's progress in a game is stored on a server, and can be resumed on a different hardware platform. For Genshin Impact, there are primarily 3 different types of hardware: Personal computers, Video game consoles, and Mobile devices.

PlayStation Content

With the use of cross save, players are able to obtain contents that are initially exclusive to PlayStation. The user first needs to log-in to the game on their PS4/PS5 to obtain the content and then activate the cross save feature.

Currently, all PlayStation-exclusive content have some type of restriction when accessing it on PC/Mobile.

Linking Third-Party Accounts

  1. Enter the game, open the Paimon Menu (PC players should press the "Esc" button, and PS4 players should press the "OPTIONS" button)[4]
    • Mobile players need to complete the quest related to unlocking the first Statue of The Seven in order to proceed.
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Select "Account" > "User Center"
  4. Select "Link"
  5. Link the HoYoverse Account corresponding to this UID via email or user name
  6. The HoYoverse Account you just signed up for (via email or user name, and related password) is directly connected to your in-game account.

Top Ups

Top-ups is the act of acquiring in-game inventory using real life money. Specifically for Genshin Impact, you can purchase things like Genesis Crystals, Blessing of the Welkin Moon, and Battle Pass's Gnostic Hymn/Chorus.

Depending on the online marketplace you are tied to, you may be forced to make Top-ups through that marketplace. I.E. if you create your account through the PlayStation Network, Top-ups are required to go through the PlayStation Network.

  • Players who have signed up on iOS or Android can top up their accounts on these platforms, but will not be able to complete payment on PC.
  • Players who have signed up on PC can top up their accounts on PC, iOS and Android.
  • Players playing on PS4 can top up their accounts via PSN Account.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.0
  • Cross Save between Mobile/PC/PlayStation became available.

Version 1.0

  • Accounts were released.
  • Cross Save between Mobile/PC was available upon the game's release.