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Abyssal Domains are dungeon-like instances in Genshin Impact.

Example of a Domain entrance

Domains of Forgery

Domains of Forgery award Weapon Ascension Materials. These materials can be used to ascend weapons to increase their stats and max level.

Name Region Required
Adventure Rank
Cecilia Garden Mondstadt 16
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Liyue 16

Domains of Blessing

Domains of Blessing award Artifacts. Players will have to complete the Prologue Chapter of the Archon Quests before unlocking these.

Name Region Required
Adventure Rank
Midsummer Courtyard Mondstadt 22
Domain of Guyun Liyue 22
Valley of Remembrance Mondstadt 25
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Liyue 30
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Liyue 35

Domains of Mastery

Domains of Mastery award Talent Level-Up Materials. These are used to level up a character's talents.

Name Region Required
Adventure Rank
Forsaken Rift Mondstadt 27
Taishan Mansion Liyue 27

Trounce Domains

Trounce Domains contain unusually powerful opponents that respawn weekly. After successfully completing the challenge, you can obtain abundant rewards.

Name Region Required
Adventure Rank
Confront Stormterror Mondstadt 25
Wolf of the North Challenge Mondstadt (in overworld) 21

One-Time Domains

These domains provide a reward upon the first time a player completes them. They are still open after the first completion but will not offer any rewards.

Mondstadt Region

Name Required
Adventure Rank
Temple of the Falcon 12
Temple of the Wolf 15
Temple of the Lion 18
Eagle's Gate 21

Liyue Region

Name Required
Adventure Rank
Domain of Forsaken Ruins 24
Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula 30 and 35
Domain of the Wayward Path 27

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