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Abyss creatures who can command the power of the elements in combat to a certain extent.
For unknown reasons, abyss mages are able to communicate with the hilichurls, thus enabling them to manipulate their minds easily. They say abyss mages utter a long-forgotten language from which they draw magical power.

Abyss Mages are monsters that are a part of the Abyss Order who act as their foot soldiers. They are able to harness elemental energy from the Ley Lines of Teyvat and use that power towards their group's goal of overthrowing the world ruled by the archons.


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Abyss Mages are usually protected by an elemental shield of their affinity that will absorb all damage they receive until it is depleted. If the Abyss Mage does not have a shield on, they will activate it as soon as they spot the player.

The shield is immune to its own elemental damage as well as weak physical attacks such as bows and swords. Physical Claymore attacks deal some damage but are not as effective as some elemental reactions. See here for more details. Shielded Abyss Mages have an innate element which can be reacted off of. Crystallize is a generic reaction that will cause elemental shards to bounce off that can be picked up, protecting the player from their attacks.

Apart from their own elemental attacks, the mages have a tendency to teleport around to get a better angle on the player by clutching their mask, teleporting in if the player is away from them, and out if the player is too close to them. Mages deal elemental damage in an area upon reappearing after a teleport.

Once the shield has been depleted, the Abyss Mage will drop to the ground in a dazed state, and their resistances are reset to base values. See damage resistance for more details. After they regain their senses, they will perform a ritual to restore their elemental shield, indicated with flame pillars for Pyro, icicles for Cryo, water bubbles for Hydro and electric orbs for Electro, which deal damage to the player if touched. This can be interrupted with sufficient knockback or other means of interruption.

All types of Abyss Mages have 4 different attacks: a Normal Attack which involves shooting a small projectile, a Special Attack, Teleportation and Revival.

After using a Special Attack, Abyss Mages have a tendency to taunt the player by either dancing or relaxing after successfully attacking the player for a short duration. If the player avoids the attack, they can use this time to deal additional damage to the mage before they get back into combat.

Enemy Elemental Weakness Notes
  • Pyro DMG will cause Melt, which deals high damage to its shield.
  • Electro DMG will cause Superconduct, which deals AoE Cryo DMG, deals low damage to its shield.
  • Despite having a Cryo icon while the shield is active, Hydro attacks do not freeze the mage.
  • Can freeze water around it and stand on top of water, even after shield is broken.
  • Cryo DMG will cause Superconduct which deals AoE Cryo DMG, deals high damage to its shield.
  • Pyro DMG will cause Overloaded which deals AoE Pyro DMG, deals high damage to its shield.
  • Hydro DMG will cause Electro-Charged that slowly saps shield durability over time. Electricity can arc off the shield when this occurs.
  • Only type of Abyss Mage whose shield takes high damage from more than one element.
  • Cryo DMG will cause Frozen to occur and freeze the mage, dealing high damage to its shield.
  • Electro DMG Electro-Charged that slowly saps shield durability over time. Electricity can arc off the shield when this occurs.
  • Pyro DMG will cause Vaporize, dealing low damage to its shield.
  • Hydro DMG will cause Vaporize, dealing high damage to its shield.
  • Electro DMG Overloaded, which deals AoE Pyro DMG, deals low damage to its shield.
  • Cryo DMG will cause Melt, dealing low damage to its shield.

Notable Abyss Mages

Cryochanter Abyss Mage Emery

Cryochanter Abyss Mage Emery

Emery after being electrocuted

A Cryo Abyss Mage that appears as the main antagonist during Troublesome Work. It gets electrocuted by Lisa after refusing to return The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies, mistakenly believing that the book contains a hidden secret.

Hydrochanter Abyss Mage Landrich

A Hydro Abyss Mage gets lit on fire

Landrich gets lit on fire

A Hydro Abyss Mage that briefly appears during Darknight Hero's Alibi. Diluc interrogates it regarding the threatening note that the Knights received by lighting it on fire.

Mr. Fluffball

Mr. Fluffball

Mr. Fluffball

A Pyro Abyss Mage that is the main antagonist during True Treasure. Having heard of Klee's reputation as the strongest in Mondstadt, it steals a bomb from one of her caches to use against Mondstadt. It accidentally kills itself when it mishandles the bomb it stole, causing great anguish to the young Knight.

Other Notable Abyss Mages

* Random names include Adalbert, Adil, Adolphus, Alberte, Albrecht, Alfljortr, Arbogastis, Bergdis, Eggert, Erambert, Gerhart, Guillaume, Ingikarr, Ioni, Konrad, Liebhard, Ljodey, Lodovica, Lydingr, Meinolf, Miuki, Naddodr, Nefi, Refill, Thorolfr, Thyla, Triunn, Uberto, Ulfie, and Vilhelm.



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