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Abyss Lectors are creatures that are a part of the Abyss Order and who are capable of manipulating intense abyssal energy. These creatures are evangelists that can chant malefic poetry of the Abyss to command their powers.

Lectors resemble Abyss Heralds and are about the same height as them, but use catalysts to attack enemies.

Within the Abyss Order, Lectors refer to themselves as "exegetes."[1]


Item Mora.png ≤600 Mora
Item Berserker.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item The Exile.png3-4★ Set The Exile


Notable Abyss Lectors

The Thing Calling Itself "Enjou"

An Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames that is disguised as a human named Enjou when the Traveler encounters him in Enkanomiya. He is the driver of the From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku World Quest Series, assisting the Traveler while disguised as a human before revealing his true form and fighting them. He later returns as the instigator of the Three Realms Gateway Offering event.


Appears as a boss, alongside Agnarr, after dispersing the dark fog during the Perils in the Dark World Quest.


Appears as a boss, alongside Egill, after dispersing the dark fog during the Perils in the Dark World Quest.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Abyss Lector
Shēnyuān Yǒngzhě
Abyss Chanter
Shēnyuān Yǒngzhě
Japanese アビスのえいしょうしゃ
Abisu no Eishousha[citation needed]
Chanter of the Abyss
Korean 심연 봉독자
Simyeon Bongdokja
Abyss Lector
Spanish Bardo del AbismoAbyss Bard
French Chantre de l'AbîmeAbyss Cantor
Russian Чтец Бездны
Chtets Bezdny
Abyss Lector
Thai Abyss Lector
Vietnamese Học Sĩ Vực SâuAbyss Scholar
German AbgrundsängerAbyss Bard
Indonesian Abyss Lector
Portuguese Bardo do AbismoAbyss Bard

Change History

Released in Version 1.5


  1. World Quest, From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku: The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent