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Wielders of abyssal fire who pursue the meaning behind texts and scriptures. Is a member of the Abyss Order.
The surface people have a slightly distorted understanding of what their name means, calling them "Lectors" when their name can also mean "exegete." Reading the word of grace grants them great power.

Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames are Pyro-aligned Abyss Lectors capable of manipulating intense abyssal energy. These creatures are evangelists that can chant malefic poetry of the Abyss to command their powers

Some of its attacks have the ability to deal True DMG to the player's entire party.


Item Mora.pngMora
Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

Abilities and Attacks

Names are unofficial. (Abyssal Flames is named after the status that it applies: Brand of the Abyssal Flame. The Fathomless Flames is named after its title.)

  • Brand of the Abyssal Flame: On hit, certain attacks by the Abyss Lector will apply the Brand of the Abyssal Flame status to the player. Shortly after being applied, the Brand of Abyssal Flame expires, dealing True DMG to the entire party. Although shields and dash i-frames can stop the status from being applied, they cannot negate the DMG dealt once it has already been applied. The on-field character can negate this DMG to themselves using Elemental Burst i-frames, but off-field characters will be damaged regardless. Off-field characters will not be damaged below 15% Max HP by this ability.
  • Solar Orb: Conjures a large fireball which it throws at the player, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.
  • Sparking Flares: Summons 5 small flares above itself before shooting them at the player, dealing Pyro DMG.
  • Scorching Scriptures: When a character strays near to the Abyss Lector, it will release a powerful infernal wave around itself, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.
  • Abyssal Flames: Summons 3 bursts of flame to flare up from the ground, dealing AoE Pyro DMG applying Brand of the Abyssal Flame to players hit. This attack is used twice in a row when the Lector is shielded.
  • Hellfire Haven: After its health falls below a certain threshold, the Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames will imbue itself with a powerful Pyro shield, providing it immunity to all DMG until its shield is broken. The shield is weakest to Hydro. Upon the shield's activation, deals AoE Pyro DMG in a large area around itself and causing heavy knockback. The Abyss Lector also gains new/upgraded attacks when shielded.
    • The Lector will immediately be defeated after its shield has been destroyed, even though it still has HP remaining.
  • Darkfire Meteor: Summons a meteor to crash into the ground, dealing AoE Pyro DMG and leaving behind a Darkfire Furnace. Destroying the Darkfire Furnace before it expires will partly deplete the Lector's shield. This attack is only used when in the Hellfire Haven state.
    • The Fathomless Flames: Summons many bursts of flame to flare up form the ground for the entire duration of the Darkfire Furnace, dealing AoE Pyro DMG and applying the Brand of the Abyssal Flame to players hit. This attack is used always and only immediately after casting Darkfire Meteor.



Title and RequirementsDetails
Spotting the Player From the ashes to this world anew!
Solar Orb Let the flames of redemption rage!
Sparking Flares The power of flame compels you!
Scorching Scriptures The rupture begins!
Abyssal Flames Hear the inferno's call!
Darkfire Meteor Revelation from on high!
The Fathomless Flames A glimpse of the future!
Generating Shield Ah, how brightly burns the truth!
Now is the time for my second coming!
Defeated The fate of this world... is already sealed...
All... shall turn... to dust...
Darkfire Furnace is destroyed What a small price to pay.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames
Shēnyuān Yǒngzhě - Yuānhuǒ
Abyss Lector - Abyssal Flames
Shēnyuān Yǒngzhě - Yuānhuǒ
Japanese アビスの詠唱者・淵炎
Korean 심연 봉독자·심연의 불꽃
Simyeon Bongdokja - Simyeon-ui Bulkkot
Abyss Lector: Flame of Abyss
Spanish Bardo del Abismo - Llamas abismalesAbyss Bard - Abysmal Flames
French Chantre de l'Abîme - Flamme abyssaleAbyss Cantor - Abyssal Flame
Russian Чтец Бездны: Пламя бездны
Chtets Bezdnyy: Plamya bezdnyy
Abyss Lector: Abyssal Flame
Thai Abyss Lector - Fathomless Flames
Vietnamese Học Sĩ Vực Sâu - Uyên Hỏa
German Abgrundsänger - Abgrundflammen
Indonesian Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames
Portuguese Bardo do Abismo: Chamas Abismais

Change History

Released in Version 2.4