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Abyss Heralds are creatures that are a part of the Abyss Order and who are capable of manipulating intense abyssal energy. These creatures command the Abyss Mages and are even more twisted than them.

They can transform with an Abyssal Gospel.[2]


Servants of the Abyss Order that use Hydro in combat. These silent figures are the vanguard of the Abyss, brandishing Tidal Blades that can engulf everything in an instant, crumpling armor and obliterating heretics. They shall bring preordained damnation upon the foolish masses.


Hydro (Wicked Torrents)

Hydro Abyss Herald.jpg

An Abyss Order monster that uses a dark power to command warped torrents in battle. Some of its attacks increase the CD of characters' skills if they are currently in cooldown.

An Abyss Herald harnesses the power of Hydro. It will perform the following attacks, all of which deal Hydro DMG and can increase the character's cooldown for Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts, similar to the Slowing Water Ley Line Disorder:

Names are unofficial (Except Dark Descent. Surging Tide and Abyssal Roar are taken from its voicelines and The Wicked Torrents is named after its title.)

  • Tidal Slash Combo: Performs a series of slashes with its blade. When the Abyss Herald has a Hydro shield, the slashes are different.
  • Surging Tide: Raises both arms before unleashing a cross-shaped water projectile with its blades. When hit by this projectile, if your Elemental Skill and/or Burst is on cooldown, they will be extended by 6 seconds.
  • Aqua Slash: Conjures one to two concentrated water projectiles with its blades and fires them forward.
  • Dark Descent: After its health falls below a certain threshold, the Abyss Herald will imbue itself with a powerful Hydro shield, providing it immunity to all DMG until its shield is broken. When the shield is activated, nearby players are knocked back from the Herald and damaged. The Herald also gains new/upgraded attacks when it is equipped with a Hydro shield.
  • Abyssal Roar: Turns into a spinning wheel and charges at the player. The number of charges the Abyss Herald will perform depends on how much health it has. If the Herald is above 50% health, it only lunges once at the player. If the Herald is below 50% health, it lunges twice. When it has a Hydro shield, it will lunge three times. If the Hydro shield is below half, it will lunge four times.
  • The Wicked Torrents: Slashes the air numerous times with its blade before unleashing 8 Hydro projectiles in a circular pattern. This attack is only used when the Herald has a Hydro shield. When hit by any of these projectiles, the character's Elemental Skill and/or burst cooldown is extended by 6 seconds.


Prior to activating its shield, the Abyss Herald's attacks are fairly weak, but care should be taken to avoid their attacks to avoid unnecessarily prolonging a character's cooldown for elemental skill and bursts.

When it reaches critical health, the Herald will no longer take any damage, but instead activate a Hydro shield that works similarly to that of the Abyss Mages and also enhances their attacks. This also applies a permanent Wet status on the Herald itself, allowing for elemental reactions to occur.

Once the shield is destroyed, the Herald is automatically defeated.

Similarly to the Abyss Lectors, if there are multiple Heralds, one can use Crowd Control abilities like Venti's Elemental Burst to clump them closer together. But as they are melee enemies, they will usually follow and get closer to the player anyways.


Cryo attacks are highly effective against the Heralds' Hydro shields as they can freeze them to prevent them from attacking and moving as well as deal more shield damage compared to Pyro, Electro, and Anemo elements which can also break the shield somewhat.

One strategy to break the shield is to use Chongyun's Spirit Blade: Chonghua's Layered Frost for the Elemental Infusion and then switch to a fast Sword or Polearm attacker to quickly apply Cryo. Another one is also with Ganyu's Charged Attack, which is also very effective.

Kamisato Ayaka's alternative sprint: Kamisato Art: Senho also works as not only the sprint applies Cryo to the surrounding enemies, but also her Normal/Charged Attacks will be infused with Cryo.

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The Wicked Torrent Heralds appear in the following Spiral Abyss floors:

  • Version 1.5
    • Floor 11 Chamber 3 Part 2
  • Version 1.6
    • Floor 10, Chamber 1 Part 2
    • Floor 11, Chamber 3 Part 2
    • Floor 12, Chamber 3 Part 2
  • Version 2.0
    • Floor 10 Chamber 3 Part 2

The Wicked Torrent Heralds appear in the following Events:

The Abyss Herald has a total of 3 encounters in the Archon Quests:


Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents
Spotting the Player Bow before the Abyss!
Tidal Slash Combo Hrut!
The world will fall! (Only when Elemental Shield is activated)
Surging Tide
Surging Tide. (Only when Elemental Shield is activated)
Aqua Slash Decimate!
All life will perish!
Abyssal Roar!! Abyssal Roar!
The end will come! (Only when Elemental Shield is activated)
The Wicked Torrents The end is nigh... (Only when Elemental Shield is activated)
Generating Shield Resistance... is futile! (Transitioning)
Abyss, grant me new life!
Defeated The Abyss shall rise... once again...
The world... will burn...



  • Instead of "herald", the East Asian versions use the Christian term "使徒" (apostle).
  • The attacks Surging Tide, Abyssal Roar, and The Wicked Torrents all share part of their name with Tartaglia's Talents and Constellations
    • Raging Tide is Childe's version of Surging Tide.
    • Cutting Torrent's Riptide effect has it shooting out three Hydro slashes originating from the targets body. The Wicked Torrents shows the Herald slashing the air around him to shoot out the Hydro slashes.
    • The constellations beginning with Abyssal Mayhem seem to reference the attack name, Abyssal Roar.
    • The attack line Annihilate is referenced in the Constellation Havoc: Annihilation.
      • Havoc: Obliteration and the attack lines Annihilate, and Decimate seems to be connected to each other as they all are synonyms for destroyed.
        • Taking the words together you can get a trio forming, Obliterate, Annihilate, and Decimate.
    • The passive talent Swords of Torrents is a direct reference to the weapons used by both Childe and the Abyss Herald.