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Abyss Heralds are an elite enemy group part of the Abyss Order and who are capable of manipulating intense abyssal energy. They are melee counterparts to Abyss Lectors, though they also have some ranged attacks at their disposal.

In combat, Abyss Heralds perform aggressive elemental attacks with their blades, some of which that can apply a debuff to the player. When their HP is low, they will generate a durable elemental Shield which are most efficiently destroyed using the correct Elemental Reactions. After the shield is destroyed, they will be immediately defeated.



For Artifact and Weapon drop rates of Elite Enemies, see Loot System/Artifact Drop Distribution and Loot System/Material Drop Distribution.

Toggle Drops at Lower Levels

90+600605 + 25.26%1 + 40.06%35.02%52.53%14.01%3.50%

Notable Abyss Heralds[]


A descendant of Khaenri'ahns who lived among the Order of Skeptics in the Girdle of the Sands several hundred years ago. After gaining an opportunity to investigate Khaenri'ahn ruins, he became allured by and embraced the power of the Abyss. He then led an invasion of Vourukasha Oasis, but was repelled by the Pari and the other Skeptics.

In the present, he colludes with Nasejuna to seize the Great Songs of Khvarena and destroy the seal over Tunigi Hollow, which would cause Abyssal energy to engulf Teyvat, but the Traveler foils their plans.

"Presager of the Abyss"[]

An otherwise unnamed Hydro Abyss Herald encountered during fours separate Archon Quests, working directly under the Traveler's Sibling. It flees after fighting the Traveler the first three times, but in the Chasm, the Traveler and Dainsleif finally put an end to it.

"Fortune Lector"[]

An otherwise unnamed Cryo Abyss Herald encountered during the quest Caribert. It guards the final chamber of the quest's dungeon, where the Sinner's crystal resides. It battles the Traveler to test their worthiness to continue and meet the Sinner.




Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAbyss Herald
Shēnyuān Shǐtú
Abyss Apostle
Shēnyuān Shǐtú
Abisu no Shito[1]
Apostle of the Abyss
Korean심연심연 사도사도
Simyeon Sado
Abyss Apostle
SpanishEmisario del AbismoAbyss Emissary
FrenchApôtre de l'AbîmeAbyss Apostle
RussianВестник Бездны
Vestnik Bezdny
Abyss Herald
ThaiAbyss Herald
VietnameseSứ ĐồSứ Đồ VựcVực SâuAbyss Apostle
GermanAbgrundboteAbyss Herald
IndonesianAbyss Herald
PortugueseApóstolo do AbismoAbyss Apostle
TurkishHiçliğin HabercisiHerald of Abyss
ItalianApostolo dell'AbissoApostle of the Abyss

Change History[]


  1. Archon Quest, Chapter I, Act IV - We Will Be Reunited, Part 1: Involuntary Sacrifice (Japanese Voice-Over)