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A Visitor From Westward Realms is an event quest during the Spices From the West event.


  1. Go to the wharf at Liyue Harbor
  2. Talk to the clearly flustered person


UI Quest.png Quest Description

A person from Sumeru has arrived at the wharfs of Liyue Harbor. She seems to be in a bit of a fix...
(Approach the wharf)
Paimon: Huh, there's someone looking all troubled over there.
Paimon: Aaaand what time is it, Traveler? It's "Help O'Clock!" Let's go over and have a look!
(Talk to Nazafarin)
Paimon: Hello there. Is something wrong?
Nazafarin: Oh, by Lesser Lord Kusanali, I have indeed met with disaster!
Nazafarin: Kusanali be blessed. Are you two the great heroes who have come to rescue poor Nazafarin?
Nazafarin: Ah, this is indeed what they call... Uh, what do they call it again? "A blanket on a cold day?" "A gift of charcoal in the rain?"
Paimon: Um, are those things that people from Sumeru say, or what?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I suspect that those are things only she says...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Nobody from Sumeru we've met before has said anything remotely like that...
Paimon: That's true. Also, pretty sure rain's not a good time for charcoal. "A gift of charcoal in the snow," maybe?
Nazafarin: Yes, that's right. Indeed, you are a gift of charcoal amidst the snow.
Paimon: Well, never mind that for now. So, you're called Nazafarin, right? Well, then, Nazafarin, what can we do to help you?
Nazafarin: Ah, what a bright one you are, and to the point, too! In truth, I, Nazafarin, am facing the greatest crisis of my existence, O great heroes!
Paimon: Just Paimon will do, thanks! And this is (Traveler).
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, I'm (Traveler), at your service.
Nazafarin: And what a pleasure it is to meet you both! I'm Nazafarin!
Paimon: It's fine, you've mentioned your name before... Anyway, what trouble are you in?
Nazafarin: So here's what happened: I have a very ambitious friend named Parvaneh. She once told me that she would manufacture a seasoning that would bring happiness to all people.
Paimon: Eh? How's a seasoning supposed to do that?
Nazafarin: Um, Nazafarin isn't sure either.
Nazafarin: Still, Parvaneh said that this seasoning would make any dish especially delicious!
Nazafarin: I am certain that happiness may be found through especially delicious food.
Paimon: Ooh! So that's how it would work!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You didn't take much convincing.
Nazafarin: She went on a trip overseas just so she might be able to create that seasoning...
Nazafarin: But she has been incredibly busy with work, what with her traveling and doing research at the same time. And I, her friend, could do little from the sidelines in Sumeru...
Nazafarin: So I decided that I must help her somehow! I've given the matter some thought based on the direction of the conversations we had beforehand. I was so grieved that I did not eat or drink...
Nazafarin: After "grieving to the point of neither eating nor drinking," I finally realized what it was that I could do!
Paimon: Uh, "grieved" might not be the right word to use here.
Nazafarin: Ah, yes, thank you for the reminder. Liyue's aphorisms really are hard to use. I need to study them more.
Paimon: Come on, let's get back on topic. What did you think of?
Nazafarin: Ah, yes! So I came up with an idea.
Nazafarin: Essentially, I could follow Parvaneh's train of thought to create some seasoning recipes before adding them to dishes and asking people what they think of them.
Nazafarin: I mean to help Parvaneh conduct a market study and send her the data that we obtain from it.
Nazafarin: As you know, practical studies are a very important aspect of doing research. This is as much as I can do for my most busy friend.
Nazafarin: While I don't think that the seasoning recipes that I've come up with are what she's looking for, necessarily...
Nazafarin: I believe that the feedback that people will give regarding these seasonings shall help Parvaneh to create the seasoning of her dreams!
Nazafarin: That's why I've come to Liyue, famous as it is for gourmet food! It is said that the people here truly love food. I'm sure they'll give me just the inspiration I need!
Paimon: So, uh, have you figured out what seasonings you wanna use yet? Or do you need us to help with that, too?
Nazafarin: No, no. Blessed Kusanali above, don't you worry. Leave the pondering about the recipe to me, the one from Sumeru.
Nazafarin: We are most adept at seasoning our food. In fact, I have already come up with something in the time we were talking.
Nazafarin: So, yes, thank you so much! You two are indeed the great saviors of poor Nazafarin, yes, indeed!
Paimon: Um, sure? You're welcome?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So what do you need our help with, actually?
Nazafarin: In truth... though I, Nazafarin, have indeed thought of the seasoning, I know not a soul here in Liyue.
Nazafarin: Nor am I some manner of professional adventurer who can gather my own ingredients. It shall be too difficult — oh yes, as difficult as it would be for a rookie wet behind the ears to enter the Eremite's headquarters by themselves...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Who are the Eremite?
Nazafarin: They are an organization of warriors-for-hire in Sumeru. They are true soldiers of fortune who will do anything for money. There are some among them who even use bizarre yet formidable powers.
Nazafarin: I shudder even to think about it... Let us amble back to our previous topic, please.
Nazafarin: Now then, Nazafarin would like the good Paimon and (Traveler) to help gather ingredients according to the recipes and create said seasonings!
Nazafarin: Then we shall add them to food, bring said dishes before people you know, and record their feedback for later perusal.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, so that's the task...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, so you need taste-testers.
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon gets it! C'mon, you could have just said so. Alrighty then, we've got your back, easy! We know tons of people!
Nazafarin: Ah, Kusanali be praised! Bless both your good hearts! I will continue to dream up recipes in the meantime, and shall tell you once I have finalized them.
Nazafarin: Please, take this pot that I had specially made by an artisan in Sumeru. I am certain that the seasonings we make shall bring happiness to all!
Paimon: Woohoo! Let's go, (Traveler)! Paimon volunteers as taste tester number one, by the way!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, that certainly explains your enthusiasm...
Paimon: Hehehe... Come on, come on! Let's get a move on!

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English A Visitor From Westward Realms
Xīyù Láikè
A Visitor From Western Regions
Xīyù Láikè
Japanese 西域より来たる客
A Guest From Western Regions
Korean 서역의 손님
Seoyeok-ui Sonnim
A Guest From Western Regions
Spanish Una visita del oesteA Visit From the West
French Un visiteur venu de l'ouestA Visitor From the West
Russian Гости с запада
Gosti s zapada
Thai แขกผู้มาเยือนจากดินแดนทางตะวันตก
Vietnamese Vị Khách Phương Tây
German Ein Gast aus dem WestenA Guest From The West
Indonesian Pengunjung dari Dunia BaratVisitor from the Western World
Portuguese Uma Visitante do Oeste

Change History

Released in Version 2.6