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A Timeless Classic is the event quest that unlocks the Windtrace Event.


  1. Talk to Gygax


(Talk to Gygax)
Gygax: Hey there, fancy trying your hand at Windtrace?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's Windtrace?
Gygax: I'm glad you asked. Windtrace is a game that's all about Mondstadt's history!
Gygax: I suppose you've heard of the aristocrats who once lived in Mondstadt City?
Gygax: They were tyrants, and their rule was brutal. Words cannot do justice to the way that people suffered at their hands...
Gygax: To fight back against their oppression, a group of brave citizens came together and formed an underground resistance.
Gygax: These valiant rebels engaged in operations throughout the city, becoming a major thorn in the side of the aristocrats.
Gygax: But the aristocrats retaliated, quickly training up their own team of henchmen to suppress the rebels.
Gygax: And so, the rebels fought duel after duel with the aristocrats' lackeys all across Mondstadt.
Gygax: Windtrace takes its inspiration from this thrilling chapter of Mondstadt's history! And it used to be quite popular, too...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Used to be?
Gygax: Sadly, yes. Young people these days don't seem very interested in the game...
Gygax: But I can't let Windtrace fade into obscurity. So, i tweaked the rules a little to make it easier to get into and more fun.
Gygax: I also added a whole load of brand-new maps in. Hopefully, this will help to attract more people...
(Windtrace Gameplay Tutorial)
Gygax: Heh. But don't take my word for it — try it out for yourself!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Play Windtrace.
(Opens Windtrace Matching Menu)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave.

Change History

Released in Version 1.5