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A Stunning Stratagem is a special food item that the player has a chance to obtain by cooking Bird Egg Sushi with Sangonomiya Kokomi. The recipe for Bird Egg Sushi is obtainable from Shimura Kanbei in Shimura's at Inazuma City, Inazuma.

A Stunning Stratagem restores 16% of Max HP and an additional 1,350 HP to the target character. Like most foods, this cannot target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Bird Egg.png 1 Bird Egg
  • Item Rice.png 1 Rice
  • Creates A Stunning Stratagem A Stunning Stratagem ×1


    • Although the English text says "The egg is wrapped up (...)", both the Chinese and Japanese texts say it is the egg sheet that wraps other ingredients. As such, this dish resembles chakin sushi (Japanese: 茶巾寿司), also pronounced as chakin zushi, a type of sushi wrapped in a very thin egg sheet. In Japan, it is mainly served in special occasions such as a celebration and an auspicious day.
      • Chakin sushi was allegedly invented during the Taishou period (1912 – 1926) by the chef Ohara Yoshitarou and was named so by Prince Fushimi-no-miya Sadanaru, because it looks like an item wrapped by a chakin, or a small cloth to wrap and wipe a tea bowl.[1]
    • The Chinese version uses the term "brocade bag" (Chinese: 锦囊 jǐnnáng) for "package" in the English description text. It is probably a pun on the Chinese idiom "[in a] brocade bag, [there is a] marvelous plan" (Chinese: 锦囊妙计 jǐnnáng miàojì), meaning a "cunning contingency plan prepared in advance," which originates from the Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms (14th century).[2]

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.1