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A Special Base Drink is a quest in the second branch of Diona's Hangout Event Act I: The Cat and the Cocktail.


  1. Talk to Diona
  2. Go to Dadaupa Gorge
  3. Talk to the person at the gorge's entrance (Allan)
  4. Go to Dadaupa Gorge
  5. Head to the hilichurl camp


A Special Base Drink

Diona: Dadaupa Gorge is just up ahead. We should be able to find a special drink base there.
Diona: An adventurer who visited the tavern told me that he once ventured deep into Dadaupa Gorge and discovered a type of drink inside the cooking pots of a hilichurl tribe who lived there.
Diona: The drink is actually a herbal soup made by samachurls using a variety of ingredients. According to the adventurer, it seems like the samachurls made these drinks to grant the tribe more energy.
Diona: The adventurer also said that just by taking a single whiff of it, and I quote...
Diona: "I wasn't able to determine whether or not I took in the smell, because as soon as I tried to smell it, it felt like my nose was being trampled by a hundred forest boars. I couldn't feel my nose anymore, let alone smell anything..."
Diona: Hmph, even though he lost his sense of smell, he still remembered to come and drink. He even started telling me that my delicious cocktails would help his nose regain its sense of smell again...
Diona: What a hopeless drunk... He was probably just exaggerating and hoping for more drinks.
Diona: But whether or not he was exaggerating is not important. The idea of using a hilichurl drink as a base for my cocktails, haha, is one I'm definitely interested in.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You want to make a drink... from that?
Diona: Of course, you wanted a specialty drink, right? Special drinks require special ingredients.
Diona: No need to worry. This will be one drink you'll remember... forever.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Maybe we can use something else instead?
Diona: No way! Normal ingredients will never suffice for a special cocktail, we must use something special.
Diona: Besides, I've never used such ingredients before either. This will be my latest drink, just wait and you'll be the first one to try it.
Diona: Now listen up, I had that old adventurer mark the location for me, so all we have to do is get there and grab what we need.
Diona: Since we're only on the outskirts of Dadaupa Gorge, we'll have to walk further in. We still have quite a ways to go.
(En route)
Diona: I also told my father about the samachurl herbal soup, he said that he would keep an eye out for it.
Diona: But he's probably just saying that. Once he's had enough drinks in him, he can't even remember his own name, let alone the herbal soup I mentioned.
Diona: Oh well, I never had high hopes for him anyway. Looks like I'm going to have to get the special drink base on my own.
(Going into Dadaupa Gorge)
???: Hmm? Someone's approaching...
Allan: Diona? Is that you?
Diona: Huh? Oh, I know you... You're the one that usually goes hunting with my father.
Allan: Yeah, my name is Allan. I'm part of the hunting team that Draff leads.
Diona: Huh, so if you're here, that means my father is also somewhere nearby.
Diona: Well, where is he, huh? Oh, I bet he drank too much again after the hunt and fell asleep somewhere, waiting for someone to drag him back to Springvale.
Allan: I—I wish that were the case...
Allan: I'm afraid that Draff... Well h—he rushed into Dadaupa Gorge by himself!
Diona: Wait... What!?
Allan: You see, Draff brought us hunting in the area nearby...
Allan: Thanks to him, the hunt went really well and we managed to catch lots of game. After the hunt, we stopped to rest for a bit before we'd head back to Springvale.
Allan: So we started a bonfire, got some barbeque going, and well... had a little to drink. Honest! We only drank a little, you know, just to celebrate the hunt.
Allan: But after a few drinks, Draff started saying that he wanted to go get something from a hilichurl tribe in the depths of Dadaupa Gorge.
Allan: He refused to let any of us accompany him. Instead, he kept saying that he's a descendant of the Kätzlein bloodline and that he could come and go as he pleases in a place like this.
Allan: Before we could say anything, he rushed out by himself. There's no way we could stop him.
Allan: I had a hunter who's quick on his feet run back to Springvale to find help, and sent a few veteran hunters into the gorge to look for Draff, but...
Diona: Ugh! That stupid old man!
Diona: And it's all because he had something to drink, right!?
Diona: I don't know how many times I've told him not to drink! He just won't listen!
Diona: *sigh* I'll go look for him and see what kind of trouble he's got himself into this time!
Allan: No, wait! It's too dangerous for you to go alone, Diona. Let's wait for more help to arrive and go find him together.
Diona: I'm also of the Kätzlein bloodline, and I'm much better on my feet than he is.
Diona: And most importantly, I don't drink. So I won't be making any of the mistakes that he would.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't worry, I'll go with her.
Allan: You're... Oh! You're the Honorary Knight!
Allan: There should be nothing to worry about with you by her side. I'll leave you to it.
Diona: You're coming with me to Dadaupa Gorge? There'll be a lot of monsters in there, I wouldn't want to stir them all up at once.
Diona: So I plan on sneaking by the monsters to find my stupid father... What's your plan?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll avoid the monsters as well.
(Go to Branch 1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll defeat all the monsters head-on.
(Go to Branch 2)
(Talk to Allan again)
Allan: What could Draff be looking for that made him just charge straight in like that? Maybe some kind of valuable treasure?

Branch 1

Diona: Really? Alright then, but if you do startle them, be sure not to lure them to me.
Diona: Actually... it wouldn't really matter, because you won't be able to figure out where I'm headed anyway.
Diona: Let's pounce to it then. I will mark the route on your map.
Diona: Oh — make sure you stick to the route. I'm not coming back for you if you get lost.
(Proceed to The Shadow Over Dadaupa)

Branch 2

Diona: Take them all head on, huh? Well, you are the Honorary Knight after all...
Diona: That would work too, I suppose. You can distract the monsters while I sneak around them.
Diona: Lets head deeper into Dadaupa Gorge. I don't know where my foolish father is, but we can start our search there.
Diona: And uh, if the monsters are too strong, then just run away if you can. There are lots of places to hide around here.
Diona: Alright, let's get to it! I've marked the approximate locations on your map.
(Proceed to The Shadow Over Dadaupa)

Change History

Released in Version 1.5