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A Path Through the Storm is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Prologue - Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves.


  1. Take in the view outside of Liyue Harbor to collect your thoughts
  2. Talk to Paimon
  3. Ask Atsuko about how to travel to Inazuma
  4. Go to the Alcor and meet with Beidou
  5. Go to the tournament arena
  6. Size up the other competitors (0/3)
  7. Talk to Zhuhan, who is in charge of registration for The Crux Clash



(Approach the Teleport Waypoint north of Liyue Harbor)
Paimon: Are you okay? Paimon never imagined your (sister/brother) would have sided with the Abyss...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm feeling a bit better.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I still can't accept it...
Paimon: Well, keep your chin up, (Traveler)!
Paimon: Paimon believes in both of you.
Paimon: And when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yeah. You're right.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There must be more to this than meets the eye.
Paimon: (She/He) said we needed to "reach the end of our journey..." Paimon bets (she/he) still has lots more to tell us!
Paimon: And we won't find out what this "journey" is or where it will end unless we keep going!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thank you, Paimon.
Paimon: Don't mention it, partner! Travel buddies are supposed to look out for one another.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm glad to have you as a guide, Paimon.
Paimon: Hee-hee, then Paimon will be sure to keep up the good work!
Paimon: Although... where should we go next? If we want to continue with the journey... hmm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I still need to find that god...
Paimon: Oh! You mean the god that took your (sister/brother) away in the first place...
Paimon: ...You're right. After all, everything that followed... all this confusion... it all started with her.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I need answers from her.
Paimon: Yeah, Paimon bets she's the key to understanding this whole mystery.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I need to teach her a lesson she won't forget.
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon supports that idea! Just the thought of it is so satisfying!
Paimon: Well, we've ruled out two gods so far — the Anemo and Geo Archons. So, next...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's go to Inazuma.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's find the Electro Archon.
Paimon: Hmm... Paimon doesn't think we can simply walk into Inazuma. Zhongli said it was a closed nation. We'll have to find some other way in...
Paimon: Why don't we ask someone from Inazuma how to gain entrance?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let me try and think of someone...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm sure there's someone we've met...
Paimon: Oh, Paimon's thought of someone already — Atsuko, in Liyue Harbor! She's from Inazuma.
Paimon: Let's see what she has to say.

(Talk to Atsuko)
Atsuko: Hello... Oh! I—I mean, good fortune... right? *sigh* I'm still learning to talk like a local, haha...
Atsuko: Is there anything I can hep you with?
Paimon: We wanted ask... how do we get into Inazuma?
Atsuko: Ohh, so that's why you're here... Well, there is a way...
Paimon: Great! We came to the right person!
Atsuko: But the chance of success is... incredibly small.
Paimon: Huh? Incredibly small? Then how did you get out of Inazuma in the first place?
Atsuko: It was in leaving Inazuma that I found out just how dangerous this method truly was...
Atsuko: All I had to rely on was a little wooden raft that I'd put together myself. There was a storm raging ahead of me, and my pursuers were close on my tail.
Atsuko: After I'd escaped their clutches, I floated on the ocean for... I don't know how many days. My rations and fresh water supply soon ran out, and I remember getting to the point where I was sure I'd reached the end. Then, I blacked out.
Atsuko: But, to my surprise, my journey didn't end there... or to put it in another way, a new beginning found me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Did someone from Liyue save you?
Atsuko: That's right! I escaped by the skin of my teeth. The fact that I'm even alive to tell the tale must be a sign that the gods were watching over me.
Paimon: What a horrible journey! And you set off knowing how dangerous it was? Why?
Atsuko: Well... because everything is just too restrictive over there. The atmosphere is so stifling... The Kanjou Commission subjects everyone leaving or entering the nation to a protracted approval process, and... I felt like I didn't belong there.
Paimon: Kanjou Commission? What's that?
Atsuko: Along with the other two commissions, they oversee anything in Inazuma. We usually collectively refer to them as the Tri-Commission — I suppose they're equivalent to the Eight Trades under the Liyue Qixing.
Atsuko: One of the obligations of the Kanjou Commission is to conduct rigorous identity checks on all individuals leaving or entering Inazuma. All non-nationals are processed centrally on Ritou upon arrival...
Atsuko: Meanwhile, the Tenryou Commission is responsible for implementing the recently promulgated Vision Hunt Decree. They act like the executive arm of the Raiden Shogun's rule, loyal yet unfeeling.
Atsuko: It doesn't feel good to speak ill of my home like this... but after spending so long under that oppressive atmosphere, I began to lose all hope for the future.
Atsuko: What I mean to say is... unless you have an extremely compelling reason to go to Inazuma, you should abandon your plans of trying to get there.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I have a compelling reason.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There are answers to questions I must know there.
Atsuko: *sigh* You should know that the sea around Inazuma is engulfed in a perpetual tempest of wind and rain. Supposing you survived that, you would still need to get past the samurai guards that enforce the Sakoku Decree — the closed nation policy of Inazuma.
Atsuko: And even if you did manage to find a way, you'd still have to produce the necessary documentation at the Ritou center for processing outlanders. Otherwise, you'd be kicked out immediately...
Paimon: Seems like they really don't want anyone setting foot in Inazuma, huh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But they have Ritou...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But there's a place for outlanders to go, right?
Atsuko: They only set that up as a port to guarantee a supply of goods and information to the island. Most outlanders would be unable to acquire the documentation needed.
Atsuko: But if you really are on set going, there is one thing you can try...
Paimon: Uh... The raft idea sounds a little on the dangerous side... plus Paimon would definitely get seasick.
Atsuko: That's not what I meant. You could ask someone from The Crux Fleet if they have some way of getting you to Inazuma, they're well-known in Liyue.
Atsuko: Voyaging far and wide has made them a well-traveled group with a wide range of experiences. They may just know how to break through the storm.
Paimon: But... it's an armed fleet, right? Why would they agree to a request like this?
Atsuko: That part is up to you! If you're able to persuade their captain, Beidou, then the hardest part would be out of the way.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's give it a try.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It seems like our only option.
Atsuko: The Alcor is the flagship of The Crux Fleet. I heard that it's currently anchored by Guyun Stone Forest on a supply run. This might be your best chance.
Paimon: Then there's no time to lose! Let's go find Captain Beidou!

(Approach Beidou)
Beidou: Hmm? Who've we got here... Wait, I know you. You're that traveler, (Traveler), aren't you? The one who fought against the Fatui and Osial, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Have we met?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png My reputation precedes me...
Beidou: Haha, Ningguang told me about you. "A traveler of great insight and remarkable skill has saved Liyue," she said.
Beidou: She's a hard one to please... so praise from her is high praise indeed. I remember thinking at the time that it'd be good to meet you in person.
Beidou: Judging by the clothes on your back and this floating thing, I guess that time has come.
Paimon: Hey! The name's not "floating thing," it's PAIMON!
???: Paimon... hmm... What a fascinating being. You two give off not only the essence of wind and earth, but also of... yes... the stars...
Paimon: Eh? The fragrance of what now? That's the weirdest compliment Paimon's ever heard...
???: Pay it no heed... I mean only to say I am certain... that it is by fate, not chance alone, that we should meet... and that gives our encounter meaning.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is this guy a bard, by any chance?
Beidou: You're not far off, but they go by a different name in Inazuma.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...And this must be your bard-for-hire?
Beidou: Uh, I prefer... other means of entertainment.
Beidou: This young man is Kaedehara Kazuha, a temporary addition to my crew for reasons I won't bore you with. Occasionally, he opens his mouth and flowers come out instead of words.
Kaedehara Kazuha: With this fine ship and the soft breeze... would it not be romantically irresponsible of me not to acknowledge it with a line or two of poetry?
Beidou: Haha, can't argue with that... Okay then, once The Clash is underway, I'll give you a chance to perform.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Only if the mood takes me, of course. Poetry for poetry's sake tends to lack meaning.
Beidou: Hey, you don't wanna pass this opportunity up too easily, especially seeing as our great hero might be in attendance.
Paimon: Wait a minute, what's The Clash? Also, just to clarify, by "great hero"... do you mean...
Beidou: Huh? I thought you might be here to sign up... You're telling me you've never even heard of it?
Beidou: The Crux Clash is a martial arts tournament that I hold. There'll be a whole bunch of folks taking part to showcase their talents.
Beidou: There are two important rules. One — competitors must be renowned fighters. We want those with real martial arts ability, not just people taking part for the fun of it.
Beidou: So, you've got nothing to worry about there. I don't think there's anyone out there who hasn't heard of you.
Beidou: Two — you can't take part if you've got a Vision. Otherwise, things get a little... one-sided.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't have a Vision, but—
Beidou: Haha, you must be feeling confident, but you might wanna watch out — there are a few crouching tigers and hidden dragons lurking around in Liyue.
Beidou: And with Liyue's savior taking part in the tournament... now that's gonna turn a few heads. I think we can expect a healthy turnout this time...
Paimon: But... we didn't come here to take part in a martial arts tournament.
Beidou: Well, before you dismiss the idea completely, you might be interested to hear that the prize this time 'round is particularly sought after...
Beidou: Get this — it's a Masterless Vision!
Kaedehara Kazuha: Supplied by myself, as a matter of fact. If the tournament champion can reawaken the Vision... it belongs to them.
Paimon: Is there really such thing as a masterless Vision!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why doesn't it have a master?
Kaedehara Kazuha: When a Vision bearer dies, the light in their Vision will fade away. But the shell that housed that light remains.
Kaedehara Kazuha: As for whether this shell has any practical application, well, this remains to be seen. But my intuition tells me that while it remains in the world, it may just be possible for someone else to inherit it.
Beidou: Yep, and the way I see it, a Vision is a badge of recognition from the gods — so if anyone's able to rekindle it, it's got to be an individual of exceptional strength and talent.
Beidou: Organizing The Clash is my way of uncovering hidden talents... and hopefully, this time, of getting a Vision to glow again.
Beidou: So, if you don't have a Vision, this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one of your very own.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png To be honest, I'm not interested.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A Vision is of no use to me.
Paimon: Yeah, we're interested in getting to Inazuma, not fighting in some tournament!
Kaedehara Kazuha: Inazuma? You... want to go there?
Beidou: Well, why didn't you say so! Inazuma? No sweat.
Beidou: In that case, if you win the tournament, I'll give you a choice: Masterless Vision, or a ticket to Inazuma aboard The Alcor. Up to you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That was easy!
Paimon: You just want (him/her) to take part in your tournament!
Beidou: Hahaha, what's wrong with that? The more talent we have, the better the tournament will be. I couldn't let a competitor like you fall through the net.
Paimon: What're we gonna do, (Traveler)? *sigh* Looks like we pretty much have to do this tournament if we want to get to Inazuma, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm not worried.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's give this a shot.
Beidou: Great, then, let's get you signed up! Head to the tournament arena in Guyun Stone Forest. Kazuha and I will be over soon.
Kaedehara Kazuha: It seems like it will only be a matter of time before the answer is revealed...
(Talk to Beidou)
Beidou: Go on, get yourself to Guyun and sign up already.
Beidou: I've already fixed up the arena. You can't miss it.
(Talk to Kazuha)
Kaedehara Kazuha: Martial arts tournaments always remind me of the duels they have back in Inazuma...
Kaedehara Kazuha: But when the combatants are obliged to exercise restraint, it is unlikely they will ever display their true potential.

(Approach the arena)
Paimon: Before we sign up, let's see who the other competitors are!
Paimon: Beidou said that they had to be renowned fighters. Hmm, who will we be up against?
(Talk to Uncle Yun)
Paimon: Hello, are you here to compete in The Crux Clash?
Uncle Yun: You bet I am, have you put your names down yet?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not yet.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We just wanted to take a look around first.
Uncle Yun: Well, I'd have a look at the entrance criteria if I were you. They don't allow just anyone to take part.
Uncle Yun: The Clash is a comprehensive test of fighting ability. Anyone who turns up for show over skill is gonna get their butt handed to them.
Uncle Yun: Tsk, nobody wants to see that, right?
Paimon: Yeah, we heard a rule about that. So Paimon's wondering... are you a renowned fighter?
Uncle Yun: Hahaha, me? Only a former runner-up in the Chihu Rock Freestyle Combat Summit! Oh yeah...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Former...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Runner up...
Paimon: Uh-huh... Also, that doesn't sound like the most official tournament out there...
Uncle Yun: What!? You... Nonsense! Have you been living under a rock? It's been going on for years! There were plenty of competitors when I took part!
Uncle Yun: Not to mention, I've helped the Millelith catch Treasure Hoarders before! There were two of them trying to escape — I soon sorted them out.
Uncle Yun: They tried to sneak past me under the cover of darkness... Ha! They didn't know what hit 'em.
Uncle Yun: I planted a left hook on the skinnier one's face and sent him flying. Then, the big guy pulled out a knife!
Uncle Yun: I stood my ground, of course. A roundhouse kick sent the blade hurtling into a beam above us.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sounds, uh... impressive.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sounds, um... dangerous.
Uncle Yun: Hahaha, I told you! Unarmed, outnumbered two to one, but I still got the upper hand!
Uncle Yun: I'm not saying I came out completely unscathed of course, but the fact remains that I did manage to subdue both of them... AND hand them over to the Millelith. I received quite the commendation! Oh yeah...
Paimon: Uh-huh... But for us, even four or five Treasure Hoarders at a time is all in a day's work...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thanks for letting us know...
Paimon: Mm-hmm... Alright, we're gonna keep looking around.
Uncle Yun: I'll see you in the arena. Tsk, but I don't plan on losing to a pair of children any time soon!
(Talk to Uncle Yun again)
Uncle Yun: See you in the arena, kid!
Uncle Yun: Watch out for my signature roundhouse!
(Talk to Jinyou)
Jinyou: Hey, youngster. Are you here for The Crux Clash too?
Jinyou: If so... seems I've found myself another new adversary.
Paimon: So you're also here for the tournament?
Jinyou: You better believe it. I wouldn't be here if I didn't think I could walk away as a champion.
Jinyou: For me, obtaining a Vision is the final and most important piece in the puzzle that is my life.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you want to become an adventurer?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you want to become a hero?
Jinyou: No, no, no — it's not about what I want to do. This is about who I want to be. I am looking to become a perfect person.
Jinyou: I know how that sounds, but let me explain. I've lived a successful life so far, without any setbacks.
Jinyou: I've passed every exam I've ever taken, enjoyed numerous successful business ventures, and seem to get on with just about everyone socially...
Jinyou: In most people's eyes, I am already the very embodiment of the perfect person, though of course, I'd never let the praise get to my head. I know I haven't reached perfection yet... because there's one thing I'm still missing...
Jinyou: ...A Vision.
Paimon: You have so much self-confidence...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you have tournament experience?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you a renowned fighter?
Jinyou: That's not important... I have a contact in The Crux Fleet who was happy to vouch for me. So, they very kindly made special arrangements on my behalf.
Jinyou: I've also brought along a bit of entourage, for moral support. It's such a blessing, really, to have so many good friends in my neighborhood.
Jinyou: Of course, I also put in a few good days' practice, concentrating mostly on rare and esoteric styles of kung fu. As a high-achiever by nature, I'm confident I've done enough to guarantee my victory in this tournament.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't be so sure.
Jinyou: Hah, you don't mince your words, do you... The arena will be the judge.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm sure you have.
Jinyou: Haha, I seem to have gained another fan. Don't let my aura overwhelm you, though. You'll need your wits about you today.
Jinyou: Now then, if you don't mind, I need to finish my pre-competition routine. It's not too long now before you'll get to see me in action.
(Talk to Chai Yi or Liang)
Paimon: Hi there, are you here for The Crux Clash too?
Chai Yi: That's right. Nothing beats real-life combat for honing your skills. That's what our master taught us.
Chai Yi: But this tournament is more than just a chance to put training into practice — it's also a chance for us to obtain the Masterless Vision.
Liang: Exactly! With a Vision, we'd quickly become our master's top students.
Paimon: This master of yours must be pretty incredible, huh... Are they someone famous?
Chai Yi: Famous? He's the founder of the Lingshan Clan, and his skills are unparalleled! Liang and I are both disciples of his.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Lingshan Clan...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Doesn't ring a bell.
Chai Yi: You probably wouldn't have heard of it, it was founded quite recently. The clan is nowhere near as famous as the master himself, anyway.
Chai Yi: He's got to be a grandmaster or something. He's created many different styles of kung fu, and countless other clans have borrowed extensively from him.
Chai Yi: To the Lingshan Clan, he teaches a special technique known as "force dispersal."
Paimon: "Force dispersal"?
Chai Yi: It's a type of breathing exercise where you can train yourself to harness the energy around you and neutralize attacks without moving an inch.
Chai Yi: For example, our master can use it to alter the path of an attacking fist, or change the direction of an incoming stone, all without breaking a sweat!
Liang: One time, he sent a challenger flying into the air without lifting a finger!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is that really possible?
Chai Yi: It sure is! But it's extremely difficult to cultivate this ability. We've been training for ages, and we're still getting to grips with the very basics. There's no way we could use it proficiently yet.
Liang: *sigh* We're clearly not that naturally gifted, or we would have at least gotten the gist by now... If we don't start making progress soon, we'll probably run out of money to pay the tuition fees and still have nothing to show for all our training...
Paimon: There's a tuition fee!?
Liang: Of course! This is a grandmaster we're talking about here. He doesn't have time to waste. If you want face-to-face training, you've gotta show you're sincere about it.
Chai Yi: *sigh* But here we are, having trained under him directly all this time without even a hint of improvement. Master is getting increasingly impatient with us.
Chai Yi: Recently, though, we heard that a Vision bearer joined the Guhua Clan and made pretty much instant progress in their training.
Liang: So, if we can get our hands on a Vision, too, maybe we can finally make our master proud!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A Vision won't make you better at martial arts.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There may be other reasons why you can't seem to master this technique...
Chai Yi: Well, we have to try something new, otherwise, we're stuck in the same situation.
Liang: Exactly, it can't hurt to try. And if it turns out it does work, the Lingshan Clan will go down in history!
Liang: Folks will come from far and wide. Heck, we could even become the dominant martial arts clan in all of Liyue!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well... that's the spirit.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Can't fault you for trying...
Chai Yi: See you in the arena!
(Talk to Chai Yi or Liang again)
Chai Yi: If we win... we could even start our own clan and take disciples of our own!
Liang: Keep your voice down! What if the master heard you'd been saying something like that, huh?
(After talking to all three)
Paimon: So to recap... we're up against an inflated ego, some gullible guys paying way too much for their kung fu classes, and another guy who's just... really average.
Paimon: Hmm.... Seems like you've got a pretty good chance of winning this thing, (Traveler)!
Paimon: C'mon, let's go sign up!

(Talk to Zhuhan)
Zhuhan: Qingce Village Armwrestling Champion, huh... *sigh* Alright, you're signed up...
Zhuhan: Next please... what's your name?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm (Traveler).
Zhuhan: (Traveler)... Wait! A—Aren't you...!?
Clash Competitor: Did I hear that right? (Traveler)?
Clash Competitor: Is it really them?
Clash Competitor: ...Huh? Aren't they a Vision bearer, though? Why are they trying to enter the Clash?
Zhuhan: Uh... I—I have to ask... aren't you the traveler that helped Liyue fight off that ancient god...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Correct.
Clash Competitor: It's really (him/her)!
Clash Competitor: The one that spoke with Lady Keqing at the Rite of Parting!
Clash Competitor: Oh! Oh! I wonder if I can get (his/her) autograph later?
Zhuhan: I—I trust you are aware that... only those without Visions can enter the tournament?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't have a Vision.
Zhuhan: Really? B—But from what I've heard, the things you're capable of in combat are... nothing short of extraordinary... You walk into the most dangerous situations imaginable, face off against all sorts of monsters — even the Fatui — and always come out on top!
Paimon: Yup! (He/She) still doesn't have a Vision though. See for yourself!
Zhuhan: My apologies, I didn't mean to be rude. I'm sure a great hero like yourself would have no reason to lie. Now, could I ask you to provide a few claims to fame?
Zhuhan: It's just a formality for you, of course, but I have to make a record of competitors' achievements as part of the sign-up process...
Zhuhan: So far I've got "Defeated the ancient god, Osial," so that's one. Do you... have any others?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I defeated a Fatui Harbinger.
Paimon: Yeah, and also a dragon, too! Put down "Battle with Stormterror"!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I saved Dvalin.
Paimon: Yeah, put that down! And also, "Defeated the Fatui Harbinger, Childe."
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm the Honorary Knight of the Knights of Favonius.
Paimon: Yeah! Also, don't forget to mention that previous battles include, but are not limited to "Stormterror" Dvalin and Fatui Harbinger, Childe.
Clash Competitor: Whoa...
Clash Competitor: Might as well declare (him/her) the champion already.
Clash Competitor: I wonder if it's too late to withdraw?
Zhuhan: Okay, um... that's plenty... Actually, this is the most dazzling track record I've ever seen, by a long shot...
Zhuhan: Right, your registration is complete. Now, a brief word about the prize.
Zhuhan: A great hero such as yourself can surely only be here for one thing — to win the tournament and claim the grand prize, namely, a Vision.
Paimon: Oh, we're not here for that. We're here because Captain Beidou promised to take us to Inazuma if we win the tournament.
Clash Competitor: There's another prize too? First I've heard of it!
Clash Competitor: Beidou must have upped the stakes this time to attract top talent!
Clash Competitor: But why would anyone want to go somewhere as dangerous as Inazuma?
Zhuhan: ...I see, so... I take it you discussed your terms with Beidou in advance, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Everyone's misunderstanding the situation.
Zhuhan: Well, nobody expected you to sign up to a tournament like this... I can hardly believe it myself, to be honest...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm just not that interested in Visions, that's all.
Zhuhan: Well, I'm sure a great hero has an important reason for being here.
Zhuhan: Anyway, the qualifying rounds are about to begin. I'll leave you to your preparation.
Paimon: Hey, so, Paimon's thinking about that whole "no Vision bearers" rule in this tournament.
Paimon: Even though you don't have a Vision, most people in Teyvat think that you can't manipulate the elements without one.
Paimon: So Paimon thinks you probably shouldn't use your elemental abilities during the tournament. Y'know, just to avoid any misunderstandings.
Paimon: In any case, looking at the competition, it should still be pretty easy for you to win even without using any elements, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Makes sense.
Paimon: Alright, it's showtime! You got this!
Zhuhan: You seem like you're raring to go. Are you ready to compete?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, I'm ready.
Zhuhan: Good, then please follow me into the arena.
(First fight begins, continues to The Crux Clash)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not quite.
Zhuhan: Not a problem, there's still time. Make sure you're fully prepared!
(Quest complete)

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishA Path Through the Storm
Chōngpò Léibào zhī Fǎ
The Way to Break Through a Thunderstorm
Chōngpò Léibào zhī Fǎ
Arashi wo Toppa-suru Houhou
A Way to Break Through the Storm
Korean뇌우를 뚫는 법
Noe'u-reul Ttulleun Beop
A Way to Break Through the Thunderstorm
SpanishCómo superar una tempestadHow to Overcome A Storm
FrenchÀ travers la tempêteThrough the Storm
RussianПуть сквозь шторм
Put' skvoz' shtorm
A Path Through the Storm
A Way Through the Storm
VietnameseThuật Phá Lôi Bạo
GermanEin Weg durch den SturmA Way Through the Storm
IndonesianCara Menembus BadaiHow to Break Through the Storm
PortugueseRompendo a TempestadeBreaking the Storm

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