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A Particularly Particular Author is a World Quest in Inazuma. It is the first part of the Through the Mists World Quest series.


Start by talking to Katheryne in Inazuma City

  1. Talk to Sumida
  2. Talk to Kama
  3. Travel to Tsurumi Island
  4. Talk to the mysterious young boy
  5. Go to the destination and talk to Ruu
  6. Touch the perch
  7. Make an offering to the perch
  8. Report back to Ruu
  9. Go to the ceremonial site
  10. Look for the priest
  11. Find your way through the mist and make an offering at the perches (0/3)
  12. Return to the ceremonial site
  13. Check the light
  14. Talk to Kama and then return
  15. Report back to Sumida


The Perch Puzzles

The feathers are marked on the mini-map.

  • The feathers respawn at their initial locations when the player logs out after spawning them.
  • The player must defeat the monsters first when they spawn while approaching the feather.

Chirai Shrine

  1. Approach Ruu near the perch to start a dialogue. The perch is on a small island, located northwest of the ruins.
  2. Interact with the perch to spawn the feathers.
  3. The first feather is on a hill, west of the perch. Follow the feather through the Phase Gate. Follow the feather down the eastern hill to the ruins.
  4. The second feather is inside a hole in the ruins, south of the perch.
  5. The third feather is near an Electro Current Puzzle, southwest of the perch.
  6. Interact with the perch to clear the fog.

Shirikoro Peak

  1. Approach Ruu near the perch to start a dialogue. The perch is located inside a cave, accessible from the southeast. There are also 3 Seelie Courts nearby.
  2. Interact with the perch to spawn the feathers.
  3. Guide 3 Seelies to their courts to lower the water level. This rewards an Exquisite Chest.
    • The first Seelie is located at the cave entrance.
    • The second Seelie is located on a tree root, near the Seelie Courts.
    • Glide down west from the perch to find the third Seelie. Follow it by using the Electrogranum to traverse the Thunder Sphere.
  4. Glide down north deeper into the cave to find the 3 feathers.
  5. Interact with the first feather.
  6. Follow the other 2 feathers until they go through a door in the ruins.
  7. Unlock the door mechanism by solving the Electro Current Puzzle, involving the 2 Small Cumulation Stones on both sides of the door. This rewards an Exquisite Chest.
    • Take the Relay Stone next to a Fluorescent Fungus, opposite the Thunder Barrier near the entrance.
    • Place the Relay Stone on the tree root near the locked mechanism, such that the current flows into the Small Cumulation Stone instead of the bigger Cumulation Stone.
    • Go north and take the Relay Stone near the stairs.
    • Place the Relay Stone in between the Discharge Stone and the other Small Cumulation Stone.
  8. Activate the mechanism to open the door.
  9. Interact with the second feather, near the Ruin Guard.
  10. Follow the third feather until it goes through another door.
  11. Guide 3 Seelies to their courts to unlock the mechanism surrounded by 3 Seelie Courts.
    • The first Seelie is in a room southwest from the mechanism.
    • The second Seelie is on a broken pillar near the entrance.
    • The third Seelie is behind a breakable Rock Pile, which is behind the collapsed roof.
  12. Activate the mechanism to lower the water level. This rewards an Exquisite Chest.
  13. Unlock the other mechanism by solving the Electro Current Puzzle, involving the 2 Small Cumulation Stones in front of the door. This rewards a Luxurious Chest.
    • Glide down to the basement with Ruin DestroyerRuin Destroyer ×2.
    • Take the 2 Relay Stones in this area.
    • Place 1 Relay Stone between the Small Cumulation Stone and the Discharge Stone on the wall.
    • Climb back up to the previous level and take the Relay Stone near the collapsed roof.
    • Place the 2 Relay Stones to direct the current into the 2 Small Cumulation Stones in front of the door.
  14. Activate the mechanism to unlock the door.
  15. Go through the door and interact with the third feather.
    • [Optional] Continuing further will lead to an Electroculus and a door that opens to the basement of the ruins in Chirai Shrine.
  16. Return to the perch and interact with it to clear the fog.

[Optional] Glide down southwest from the perch to summon an Electrogranum and traverse the Thunder Sphere. Climb up and summon another Electrogranum to traverse the Thunder Sphere. Climb up until reaching the summit to unlock the Waypoint. Glide southwest to the next perch (visible while in the air) in Autake Plains.

Autake Plains

  1. Approach Ruu near the perch to start a dialogue.
  2. Interact with the perch to spawn the feathers.
  3. The first feather is near an unlit torch, located west of the perch.
  4. The second feather is next to an Electrogranum, located east of the perch. Summon an Electrogranum and follow the feather through the Thunder Barrier.
  5. The third feather is on the roof of a Hilichurl Hut, located south of the perch.
  6. Interact with the perch to clear the fog.

Video Guides


(Talking to Katheryne)
Katheryne: Your deeds on Seirai Island have been reported to me by Miss Eiko. You've done very well.
Katheryne: But back on the topic, the Guild has received a commission of even greater difficulty than that which you accomplished on Seirai. I wonder if you'd be interested...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Even harder, you say?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Something like "Increasing Danger"?
Katheryne: ...You'd consider that sort of commission difficult? Hmm, I suppose I should take that into account next time...
Katheryne: ...
Katheryne: Regardless, it's not that sort of commission.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Even Fatui Harbingers fall before me.
Katheryne: This is the case, yes.
Katheryne: The person who commissioned this is Miss Sumida. As for the details, it might be best for you to get them straight from her.
Katheryne: Well then, ad astra abyssosque! I await the completion of your next feat.
(Talking to Sumida)
Sumida: Ah, Ah, hello there. Might you be the illustrious (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The "illustrious," you say...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I am (Traveler), yes.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's me, the legendary (Traveler).
Paimon: And Paimon's the illustrious Paimon!
Sumida: Alright then. So, tell me, have you ever "obtained the mightiest sword in the village"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Harbinger of Dawn counts, I guess?
Paimon: Yeah, didn't we get that sword from KaeyTriumphant Harbinger of Dawn that Points Towards Victorya that one time?
Sumida: Hahah, that does sound very strong. Maybe even a bit too deliberately so. Still...
Sumida: Have you led a life surrounded by beautiful men and ladies?
Sumida: Well then, did you defeat a giant dragon not long after your story began? Or perhaps, did you get wrapped up in some crisis upon which the survival of a nation hung? Have you ever faced off against "an elite antagonistic force with a numbered ranking scheme"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I can't say I haven't...
Paimon: But hang on, what do you mean by "not long after your story began"?
Sumida: Or are you, perhaps, in fact a traveler from "another world," just like the main character in "Flowers for Princess Fischl"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Wait, what?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Sumida: Hmm, I can't feel that sense of "destiny" that a protagonist should have from you.
Paimon: Y'know, when Katheryne said this was going to be harder, did she mean that communicating was gonna be harder?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's it, I'm leaving
Sumida: Eh!? Wait! Don't go!
Sumida: Katheryne told me so much about you, so I assumed that you'd be more like a light novel protagonist, you know?
Sumida: But in truth, I suppose such people are hard to find...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, about your commission...
Sumida: My name's Sumida. As for my pen name… I haven't finished thinking about it yet. I've got plans to take part in this year's "This Novel Is Amazing!" As such, I need a reliable adventurer to help me make a trip to Tsurumi Island
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tsurumi Island?
Sumida: That's right. Now, the name of my novel is currently "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog." The broad strokes of its plot are as such: a nameless young (man/lady) and (his/her) adventures in a nation shrouded in perpetual fog.
Sumida: Well, the plot details are currently still in the works. But my eventual goal is to write an epic novel that can move hearts and souls, like "Kino's Travels"!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Thats...
Sumida: Yup, it's that very same "Kino's Travels"!
Sumida: In which an outlander named Kino who doesn't quite fit in anywhere strides across many strange lands. She meets all sorts of people, and she is drawn into all kinds of wicked plots and all manner of cruel wars. Yet each one of her adventures shall someday coalesce into shining gold...
Paimon: Paimon doesn't quite get it, but it does sound like she's talking about you, (Traveler)...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, about your commission...
Sumida: Ah, right. Sorry, I got off topic.
Sumida: Actually, I've been reflecting on that habit of mine quite often. It seeps into my writing as well, to the point where I once wrote over 20 pages before ever getting to the point.
Sumida: At that time, I wanted to use the legend of the Kitsune Saiguu ushering people into the underground halls of Araumi to save them from a disaster as the basis for a tale about her new incarnation's peaceful life amongst the people of Hanamizaka...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So what do you need me to do on Tsurumi Island?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg To the point, please.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's it, I'm leaving.
Sumida: Eh? Wait! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't go!
Sumida: My bad, my bad... So, please go to Tsurumi Island and find a way to bring a Maushiro back to me. This is a traditional instrument of the civilization native to the island, which has been lost for several millennia now.
Sumida: As to why I need one, the — fictional, obviously — plot of "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog (Working Title)" takes place on Tsurumi Island, and when a nameless young (man/lady) sets foot upon it —
Paimon: Let's go, (Traveler).
Sumida: —They hear a strange sound but it's actually the sound of the traditional Maushiro recording in folktales so please I want to properly describe its sound and that's why IneedarealMaushiro!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You actually stayed on topic.
Paimon: Nah, she was almost about to go off on some tangent or another. Still, do you really need a real Maushiro just to write a novel, Miss Sumida? Wouldn't a "dududu" or a "phweeet" do just fine if you needed to describe the sound it makes?
Sumida: Writing is a most serious endeavor. You must treat the things you are describing with the utmost respect.
Sumida: For example, if you wish to describe Balethunder, you must go to Musoujin Gorge to experience it! That's the only way you can maintain authenticity and credibility!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That sounds very dangerous.
Sumida: True, and I almost died back then, too. If I hadn't instructed Kama to get me out of there if he saw that something was going awry...
Sumida: I was laid up in bed for a few days after that rescue. Everything I could see, everything I threw up... It was all purple.
Sumida: But now that I think about it, the fact that everything I threw up was purple might've been a result of my [sic] only being able to see in purple at the time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sounds more like you had too much Lavender Melon to eat.
Sumida: ...
Sumida: Huh. Now that you mention it, that's true. I should compare and contrast the two experiences next time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And what did you get written?
Sumida: ...I couldn't get out of bed to write for those few days, so I missed the deadline.
Paimon: Wait, then wasn't it all for nothing?
Sumida: How could you say that? This'll come in handy next time if I should ever need to write a convincing scenario like... like "That Time I Was Swallowed Whole by an Electro Slime.",
Sumida: In any case, this letter is for you. Pass it to a man named Kama in Ritou, and he will take you to Tsurumi Island.
Sumida: Please, this year's "This Novel is Amazing!" grand prize is at stake!
(Obtain Sumida's Letter)
(Talk to Sumida again)
Sumida: You're back. Do you have the Maushiro?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could I ask about Kama for a moment?
Sumida: Him? ...Well, it all started when I heard Tang Wen mention Wangshu Inn's Almond Tofu. I thought it would make a good addition to my novels. For example...
Sumida: ...Um, I mean. So he's a reliable man who can get you to all sorts of places with eyes. He can even pass through the storms of a sealed nation.
Sumida: He's got that "keeping his true power a mystery, only to join the protagonist's party in the closing phases of the story" sort of feeling to him, you know? I've worked with him many times.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So then, about Tsurumi Island...
Sumida: It is an island to the distant south of Narukami Island, shrouded in a perpetual veil of fog. According to the "Tales of Distant Seas," there were settlements on that island up till several millennia ago, but they were laid waste due to some unknown reason.
Sumida: Very interesting, no? Uh, I know it's not exactly respectful to say that a civilization's fall is "interesting," but it really does make my writing hand itch! "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog (Working Title)" is meant to be an adventure title set on Tsurumi Island based on what we already know about its culture...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Let's beat a discreet retreat...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet.
Sumida: Please find the Maushiro... This year's "This Novel is Amazing!" grand prize is at stake!
(Talk to Kama)
Kama: What is it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sumida sent us.
You give Sumida's letter to Kama. Kama reads the letter carefully.
Kama: Another one, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Another?
Kama: ...It's nothing. Since Lady Sumida has recommended you, I have no complaints. Are you ready to go to Tsurumi Island?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm ready
Kama: Then let us go while the weather remains clement.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet.
Kama: Come back once you are, then.
(Talk to Kama again)
Kama: Are you ready?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm ready
Kama: Then let us go while the weather remains clement.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet.
Kama: ...
Boarding Kama's boat, you arrive at Tsurumi Island...

(Arriving on Tsurumi Island)
Paimon: Wow! So this is Tsurumi Island? This...
Paimon: ...Looks really sad! What's with this huge fog!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sumida mentioned this as well.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg A most unique environmental phenomenon.
Paimon: Kama, do you know that... Uh, what is it again?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Kino's Travels"
Kama: Yes, Lady Sumida has mentioned it before.
Paimon: No! That's not what Paimon means! Paimon's talking about that Maushi-something that Sumida asked us to come look for!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Maushiro?
Paimon: Yeah! That's it!
Paimon: Kama, do you know where we should start looking?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If he knew, Sumida wouldn't need our help.
Paimon: Ugh, this is so annoying! Does Paimon have to do everything herself!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I think you're forgetting who does the heavy lifting around here...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg All the same, do you have any suggestions?
Kama: It's best to enter through that large gate over there, lest you get lost in the fog all too easily.
Kama: I will wait for you here.
Kama: Look for me once you secure the Maushiro. I will send you back.
(Talk to Kama again)
Kama: What is it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could we ask you about the fog?
Kama: Go through the great gate over there. This used to be one of Tsurumi Island's traditions.
Kama: If not, you'll get lost in the fog very easily.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg See you.
Kama: Goodbye.
(Approaching the fog)
Paimon: Huh. Is this the "great gate" that Kama talked about?
Paimon: If Paimon remembers correctly, we were told that we'd have to pass through there to not get lost in the fog...
(After the fog partially clears)
Paimon: Huh. Feels like we've gotten our bearings now, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yup, even though the fog hasn't dissipated yet.
Paimon: Eh? There's a kid over there...
Paimon: Do Inazuman kids all run off to deserted islands to play when they've got time on their hands?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We should tell him to get to safety.
Paimon: Yeah, and let's ask about the thing Miss Sumida asked us to get in the meantime.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We can ask if he knows anything about the Maushiro.
Paimon: Great idea!
(Talking to Ruu (initially ???))
???: Yikes!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh, I didn't mean to scare you...
???: You're... an outlander...
???: And you've got... a little floating girl with you too! That's awesome! I haven't seen any outlanders in soooo long!
Paimon: Paimon's not a "little girl" or whatever. Paimon's Paimon! And who're you, kiddo?
Ruu: My name's Ruu!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I'm (Traveler).
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm the legendary (Traveler).
Ruu: Ooh, the legendary (Traveler)?
Paimon: Uh, either way, the important thing here is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg To remind this kid to get to a safe spot.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg To ask about the whereabouts of the Maushiro.
Paimon: No, no, we've got to figure out who the "littler" person is here! How many years old are you, Ruu?
Ruu: Umm... What does "years old" mean?
Paimon: That's the number of years that've gone by since you were born.
Ruu: The number of years? Let me count...
Ruu: Several thousand, maybe! Sorry, I can't remember anything more specific.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh...
Paimon: Um...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How do you count "a year," if I might ask?
Ruu: Hmm. A year passes whenever I hear the thunder, of course. Just like everyone counts it.
Paimon: Whaaaa...
Paimon: (Hold it just a minute there. Didn't Sumida say that Tsurumi Island's civilization has vanished for several millennia now?)
Paimon: (And his way of counting years is so weird!)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (It's probably because they can't see the sun or moon due to the giant fog.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Well, either way, let's hear what the kid has to say.)
Ruu: Still, you've come at exactly the right time! Today's the day of our big ceremony!
Ruu: Kapatcir will definitely be pleased to have new and rare guests taking part.
Paimon: Who's that?
Ruu: My good friend!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So there'll be a ceremony?
Paimon: Sounds like a lot of fun!
Ruu: Exactly! Everyone tells me that I'll be the star of the show this time, too!
Ruu: But we'll need to do some things before the ceremony can start!
Ruu: Either way, (Traveler), Paimon, come with me!
Paimon: It seems a little weird... But let's follow along and see what we'll find.

(Talking to Ruu)
Ruu: Let me introduce you to Big Sister Makiri and Big Brother Ipe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hello there I'm (Traveler)
Paimon: Hey there, Paimon's Paimon!
Makiri: Hmm~ the Perch seems to be in a good state. This year's ceremony should go well.
Ipe: Oh come on, less talking, more offering.
Makiri: After all, the Perch is the keystone to the ceremony. This is the tree upon which the Great Thunderbird once descended.
Makiri: Grandpa Mata said that the maintenance of the Perch indicates our respect and worship towards the Great Thunderbird. If it is damaged...
Ipe: I know. That said, this year's ceremony leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
Ipe: And the fact that I'm the only one doing work over here makes it worse!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know what, I think I get this guy.
Paimon: Well, you are very reliable, (Traveler).
Makiri: Eh~ you're just too reliable, Ipe. What's more, this is my first time making offerings to the Perch.
Ipe: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, the next step is to touch the Perch. Then, help me look for feathers around this area.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Feathers"?
Ipe: Eh, didn't Grandpa Mata tell you about it? Part of the process is removing all foreign elements from the Perch.
Ipe: Basically, the power of the Great Thunderbird will accumulate within the Perch, and it will carry off foreign substances that infiltrate Tsurumi Island in the form of "feathers.",
Ipe: Afterward, the fog will purify those feathers. After all, the fog protects our island, and will not let anything pass through the sacred barrier around us.
Ipe: That's why we need to find the scattered feathers and bring them back to the Perch.
Makiri: Oh~ I see, I see. I get it now.
Ipe: ...Did you really?
Makiri: Probably~
Ruu: (Big Sister Makiri's just pretending to not get it.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (I can tell.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Huh, I couldn't tell.)
Paimon: So we just need to find those feathers, right?
Ipe: So we just need to find some weird looking feathers.
Ipe: It's made using the Great Thunderbird's power, so if you have keen elemental senses like Ruu does, finding them would be a cinch.
Makiri: Really? Isn't Ruu lucky~
Ruu: Hehe.
Ipe: ...
Ipe: Don't be silly.
Makiri: Oh. Sorry.
Ruu: C'mon, you two. Let's go find those feathers! If you help make offerings to the Perch, I'm sure Kapatcir would be happy.
Paimon: Uhh... Alright then. Let's just touch that perch first, shall we?
(Talking to Ruu, Ipe & Makiri again)
Ruu: Oh, (Traveler)!
Ipe: What's happened?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Do you know anything about this fog?
Makiri: The fog.. If it's Grandpa Mata says, and the fog is so powerful that nothing can invade Tsurumi Island, how do things from the outside get into the Perches?
Ipe: That's because those foreign substances come from within the ground. The fog can't stop things that come from there, which is why we need to make offerings and purify the Perches.
Makiri: Huh. And here I thought the fog could do anything.
Ipe: It's the same for things in the sea. I've fished up some weird stuff before.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hey there, do you know anything about the feathers...
Makiri: I can't find any feathers!
Ipe: When you touch the Perch, the feathers will fly to nearby areas. Afterward, you're going to have to rely on your senses. If you've got a good nose for the elements, this should be easy.
Ipe: It shouldn't be that hard...
Makiri: But it totally is, though~
(Touch Perch)
Paimon: Th—They flew out!
Paimon: Let's go look around nearby.

(Touching the first feather)
Paimon: There's a feather! Looks like there's two more, huh?
(Touching the second feather)
Paimon: Well, this is going well. Two feathers down, one to go!
(Touching the third feather)
Paimon: Well, that should do it. Let's go have a look at that perch...

(Talking to Ruu)
Ipe: Well, that's done.
Makiri: Nice!
Ruu: You're back!
Paimon: We're back!
Ruu: The Perch looks really happy. I'm sure Kapatcir will be really happy too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, that's nice.
Paimon: That said, who is Kapatcir?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who's Kapatcir?
Ruu: My friend!
Ruu: Kapatcir loves to hear me sing. I'll be singing for her during the ceremony!
Paimon: (Traveler) can sing too! Well, (his/her) singing turns Glaze Lilies into Whopperflowers, though.
Ruu: That's amazing!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh, Paimon, that's not what happened...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Mind if I ask about Maushiro...
Ruu: Oh, you need a Maushiro? Well, we'll be heading to the ceremonial site soon.
Ruu: They're going to put all the Maushiro there during the ceremony. I bet Grandpa Mata is going to need help making offerings at the other Perches, too.
Ruu: Well then. See you both later!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not coming with us?
Ruu: I've got some preparations to make for the ceremony. I'll be meeting Kapatcir there, after all!
Ruu: Everyone's been looking forward to this ceremony, too! I won't disappoint them!
Paimon: Well, seeya later then!
Paimon: Paimon wonders what sort of festival this'll be!
Paimon: Well, as long as it's a festival, there'll be good food, won't there?

(Talking to Onkami)
Onkami: Where's that Ruu kid gone off to?
Onkami: Seriously now. It's almost time, and we can't start without him.
(Talking to Kito & Kina)
Kito: Kina, the old mural that we found previously...
Kina: Yeah, that's right. That weird round shape, and all those nut-like shapes around it...
Kito: I asked Grandpa Mata about them. He told me that this was what the ancient world looked like... before it was swallowed up by the darkness.
Kito: To protect Tsurumi Island, the Great Thunderbird created the great Sea of Fog such that even the darkness would lose its way and become unable to enter the island.
Kina: ...Yeah, thats's cool and all, but what's that got to do with those shapes?
Kina: That's so weird, right? Not to mention how the priests on the drawings up there don't look like Grandpa Mata or the others at all.
Kito: Yeah, it's super weird!
(Talking to Una & Abe)
Abe: Even if it was only just once, I'd love to leave the Sea of Fog and see what lies beyond...
Una: Are you an idiot? It's utter darkness out there.
Una: Didn't the priest say that if we leave the fog, our souls will become lost shadows that roam the Realm of Silence beyond?
Una: If it wasn't for the Great Thunderbird using the fog to protect the island, we'd have been goners long ago.
Abe: I know, and that's why we hold ceremonies to thank the Great Thunderbird for its protection.
Abe: ...But aren't you curious about the outside world anyway?
Una: There were those who tried to leave this place and follow the Great Thunderbird's light to seek new lands. None of them returned alive. You do remember the Kama family's boy, don't you, old man?
Abe: Oh, how could I forget...
Abe: Perhaps I simply wish that all went well with him...
(Talking to the priest)
Paimon: Hello there!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We're here to take part in the ceremony.
Mata: Ah, when will we be ready to hold the ceremony? Preparations for the Perch on Ipe's side should already be complete.
Mata: He's there with Makiri, so there shouldn't be any issues.
Paimon: We've finished making the offerings to the perch over there!r
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We can go have a look at those.
Pa imon: Where are those three other perches?
Mata: I hope that... No, the Great Thunderbird will surely be pleased with the ceremony this time...
Paimon: Eh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's this Thunderbird you speak of?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the ceremony...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could you tell me about the Maushiro...
Mata: ...
Paimon: Aw, c'mon! Why's he ignoring us?
Paimon: We're here to help, too!
Paimon: This person seems kinda eerie...
Paimon: Looks like the fog's super thick in some spots. Might that have anything to do with the perch?
(Talking to the Mata again)
Mata: I hope that... No, the Great Thunderbird will surely be pleased with the ceremony this time...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's this Thunderbird you speak of?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the ceremony...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could you tell me about the Maushiro...
Mata: ...
(On entering thick Fog)
Paimon: Yikes, the fog's real thick here...
Paimon: If only there were some landmarks or lights along the way...

(Approaching the West perch)
Paimon: Eh? Why are there monsters near that perch?
(After defeating the Rifthounds)
Ruu: You two look so cool while you're fighting!
Paimon: Oh, you're here too, Ruu!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Are you alright?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I hope you weren't injured.
Ruu: I'm fine, don't worry!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About those monsters...
Ruu: I don't know where they came from either.
Paimon: They sure don't look native to this place.
Ruu: Mm-hmm. In the past, we didn't have any such monsters on our island. There weren't any furry people or big machines either.
Ruu: In the past, we used to have this native animal we called "Wen Kamuy." They were very gentle... and very delicious, too."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Haven't seen those around.
Ruu: I thought so too. I don't know when it happened, but they all seem to have vanished, and these monsters appeared in their place.
Ruu: Maybe they came in from outside the Sea of Fog...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg There are hilichurls in the outside world too.
Ruu: Isn't that really dangerous?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It can be, yes.
Paimon: But adventuring is really fun, too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Adventuring is still really fun, though.
Ruu: I'd love to go on adventures, too!
Paimon: Hehe, Paimon's sure that you'll be a wonderful adventurer when you're all grown up!
Ruu: You bet!
Paimon: Leave this perch to us as well. There are monsters about, so you might be in danger if you just run around like that.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave this to us.
(Talking to Ruu again)
Ruu: I'm gonna grow up as quick as I can, and then I'll become an adventurer, just like you!
(After gathering the three feathers)
Paimon: Found it! Let's go back to look for Ruu, (Traveler)!
(After completing the offering process)
Paimon: Looks like we're done here as well!
Ruu: Wow, so this is what a real adventurer can do, huh?
Ruu: I mean, other people did come here before.
Ruu: But none of them were as strong as you and Paimon!
Paimon: Others!
Ruu: Yeah, they came to look for Maushiro.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Huh, then Sumida must've...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No wonder Katheryne had this pegged as a toughie...
Paimon: Paimon doesn't get it, though. What are these Maushiro? We've heard that they're traditional instruments that the people here use...
Ruu: Yup~ They make sounds and stuff.
Ruu: It's hard for us to see in this fog, right? That's why we use the Maushiro to tell others where we are.
Ruu: I mean, it sure beats yelling! That really hurts the throat."
Paimon: It's true that you can't see anything around here...
Ruu: Right?
Ruu: Da... Grandpa Mata said that the Maushiro can help the souls of those lost in the fog to find their way back home, so they're very important.
Paimon: So they're that important, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No wonder you need them in the ceremony.
Ruu: That's right. I'm sure you'll both enjoy it very much!
Ruu: You guys go first. I'd like to stay under the tree for while more.
Paimon: Sure you'll be alright? There might be monsters out there...
Ruu: I'll be fine!
(Talking to Ruu again)
Ruu: Are the Maushiro something very important?

(Approaching the North perch)
Ruu: Hello again!
Ruu: We'll leave this Perch to you too.
Paimon: No problemo!
(Talking to Ruu again)
Ruu: We'll leave this Perch to you too.
(After gathering the three feathers)
Paimon: Phew, it's done! The people of Tsurumi Island have got it tough, having to look for these small feathers in this huge fog...
(After completing the offering process)
Ruu: Thanks so much!
Ruu: The Pearch seems to be in a good state. I'm sure the ceremony will go well this time!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Easy-peasy.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It was pretty dicey.
Paimon: Hehe. We're pretty seasoned travelers, after all!
Ruu: Actually, (Traveler), where are you from?
Ruu: The people who came before talked about places called Inazuma and Narukami Island. Are you from Inazuma?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If you're speaking relatively...
Paimon: Huh, that's right, we did come from Narukami Island, didn't we... Wait a moment!
Paimon: Paimon's almost forgotten that we're here for the Maushiro!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We're from a very, very distant place...
Paimon: That's true...
You choose an interesting tale of your adventures to tell Ruu...
Ruu: ...
Ruu: Wow! You even climbed on top of a dragon?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, it was a pretty uncomfortable affair.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It was alright.
Ruu: That's so awesome...
Paimon: The world's a big place, kiddo!
Ruu: I never knew that there were so many places outside the Sea of Fog. If I leave someday, I'd love to see all of them!
Ruu: They always tell us that our souls will become lost if we leave the fog, and that the fog protects us from the darkness outside.
Ruu: But I've met quite a few people from the outside. That's why I know that the Sea of Silence must be inhabited somehow.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can come with us if you have the chance.
Ruu: Alright! It's a deal, then!
Ruu: You two go ahead first!
Paimon: Once the ceremony's over, let's explore the world outside Tsurumi Island together!
Ruu: Sure!
(Talking to Ruu again)
Ruu: I'd love to climb on top of a dragon's head, too...

(Approaching the Northeast perch)
Ku: Ouch...
Ruu: (Traveler)! Paimon! You're just in time...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's the matter?
Ku: Ow, ow, ow, think I sprained my ankle...
Ruu: Big Brother Ku's hurt again. Could you please help us make offerings at the Perch?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know, I have to admit that I expected this development...
Paimon: Don't you worry about a thing! We've got this!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to me.
Ruu: Thanks so much!
Paimon: Ooh, right! Aren't you very sensitive to the elements and all, Ruu?
Paimon: Why don't you do that yourself?
Ruu: Uh... So, I did try before in previous ceremonies, but it didn't turn out so well.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why did that happen?
Ruu: I... don't know...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then I'll do it in your stead.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We'll leave the injured person to you.
Paimon: Ah well. Guess we're handling this perch business.
(Talking to Ruu again)
Ruu: Please help us with the Perch!
(After gathering the three feathers)
Paimon: Looks like it's done! Let's go back and look for Ku and Ruu!
(After completing the offering process)
Ruu: Ooh, the Perch is all lit up now!
Ku: Guess that's that done. Sorry, I imagine that it was pretty rough.
Paimon: Hehe! We're specialist problem solvers, don'cha know?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's not that different from the Light Actuating Ceremony.
Paimon: Going to three spots to fix three smaller problems to solve a larger issue...
Paimon: It feels like we've had this happen to us a lot, huh?
Ruu: I don't really understand a lot of what you said, but the adults do have this saying...
Ruu: "The Rule of Three."
Paimon: What's that supposed to mean?
Ruu: Well, I guess they just mean that you need to do things thrice in order to get a result.
Ruu: "For example, they say that "good omens must occur three times for good fortune to truly descend"... Same for bad omens.
Ruu: They also say that "you must forge past obstacles three times to succeed on the fourth."
Paimon: But isn't that more like the "Rule of Four," then?
Ruu: Huh, that's true! You're really good at numbers, Paimon!
Paimon: Hehe, of course!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How is that the point?
Paimon: Anyway, are you sure Ku will be fine?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How's Ku's injury, by the way?
Ruu: Don't worry, he's always like this.
Ku: Ugh, what an embarrassment... I just hope this won't affect the ceremony.
Ku: I wouldn't know how to face you if it does, Ruu.
Ruu: Oh, don't be like that! You've always been so nice to me!
Ku: ...
Ruu: (Traveler), Paimon, you two go ahead first!
Ruu: I'll stay here with Big Brother Ku. We'll take charge of the cleanup work once you're done with the offering!

(Returning to the ceremonial site)
Paimon: ...Eh? Where'd he go?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I've got a bad feeling about this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's real spooky.
Paimon: Hmm, looks like there's something over there...
(Interacting with the light)
Paimon: Is this the Maushiro?
Paimon: Nice! Guess Ruu didn't trick us after all!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I suppose that's this commission done.
Paimon: Still... Paimon feels cheated!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And what were you cheated out of, exactly?
Paimon: They said there'd be a ceremony! And we helped them out with so many things, too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I'm not sure any of this matters other than getting the job done.
Paimon: True, but there is one thing that's still very strange...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The happenings on this island are quite concerning.
Paimon: Paimon thinks there's something odd about this place, too...
Paimon: There should've been more people here, but it looks like all of them have vanished...
Paimon: And all those people felt like they had a few screws loose, anyway...
Paimon: Whatever. Let's go look for Kama first.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He should be waiting for us at the entrance.
Paimon: Anchors aweigh!

(Talking to Kama)
Paimon: we're back!
Kama: It's about time you returned.
Kama: Have you brought the item that Lady Sumida asked for?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We did.
Paimon: It went surprisingly well.
Kama: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is something wrong?
Kama: Nothing. I'll send you back now. Are you ready to depart?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm ready.
Kama: Good. Hop on, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet.
Kama: ...
(Talking to Kama again)
Kama: Are you ready to head back?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm ready.
Kama: Good. Hop on, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet.
Kama: ...
Boarding Kama's boat, you return to Ritou...
Kama: After two round trips, you should know which way to go now.
Paimon: Thanks, Kama!
Kama: No need to thank me. These were Lady Sumida's instructions, after all.
Paimon: "Actually, Paimon's kinda interested to know...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Have you ferried lots of people here to Tsurumi Island?
Kama: ...
Kama: I have ferried people and goods to Tsurumi Island, and also to the lands across the ocean.
Kama: It makes no difference to me. So long as Lady Sumida asks it of me, I will do it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's with the "Lady"?
Kama: I owe Lady Sumida.
Paimon: Sounds like a long story.
Kama: ...
Kama: I've said too much.
Kama: Well then. Farewell.

(Talking to Sumida)
Sumida: Oh, you're back.
Sumida: I really hope you've brought the Maushiro this time... Or else...
Sumida: ...Or else my novel will never get written!
Paimon: Oh, come on! A commission of this level was a piece of cake for us!
Paimon: C'mon, (Traveler), let's show her the Maushiro we found!
You and Paimon sort through your belongings the whole day, but you fail to find the Maushiro.
Paimon: Let's finish this commission, get paid, and head over to Kiminami Restaurant for a good meal...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Maushiro...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's gone.
Paimon: What? Gone?
Paimon: That's impossible! We just got it!
Sumida: *sigh*
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That can't be...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm not trying to cheat you...
Sumida: Looks like it happened to you, too... What a headache.
Sumida: Don't take it too hard.
Sumida: To be honest, I haven't given you full disclosure either. I did commission other people before sending you.
Sumida: Adventurers, veteran soldiers, members of Sumeru's Gilded Brigade, students of the Iwakura Art, problem-solving specialists from the Yorozuya...
Sumida: "Huh, now that I think about it, such a motley crew would've made for a good story. A team of people with diverse backgrounds, characters, and abilities adventuring together...
Sumida: —Uh, hold on! This isn't the time for such thoughts.
Paimon: Woohoo, look who's controlled their urge to go off-topic!
Sumida: egardless, they, like you, took this job from me, but they all wound up being unable to retrieve the Maushiro that they could've sworn they got.
Sumida: At first, I thought that they were all just making excuses for their lack of ability. But now that even you, the legendary top-rated adventurer whom the Guild recommended so strongly to me, also encountered this issue...
Sumida: An unattainable commission, vanishing Maushiro...
Paimon: "Would make a good story," right?
Sumida: ...That is true, but right now, all I want is to finish writing "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog (Working Title)"!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Honestly, I'm pretty concerned as well.
Paimon: Still, Miss Sumida, since Tsurumi's civilization has been lost for so long, there shouldn't be anyone who's heard the sound of the Maushiro, right?
Paimon: If you just say that it makes a "phweeet" noise, no one could tell the difference!
Sumida: The Maushiro, huh...
Sumida: "When I awoke, a [insert Maushiro sound here] echoed through the bone-ashen fog that surrounded me. I felt as if I were in a dream, so I kept lying there. The sand lay against my cheek, telling me that my dream was set on a beach."
Sumida: "[Insert aforementioned noise here] grew ever louder, and only then did I recall, like a lightning bolt piercing the fog, that promise I made with a friend. Only then did I recall that this world was not all beaches and sea, but cities and trees also..."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd give that passage an 8 out of 10.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd probably give this opening a 6.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Eh, I'd give this a 4 out of 10.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are you even talking about?
Sumida: ...I'm talking about how I won't be able to write this passage if I don't know what a Maushiro sounds likes!
Sumida: As a novelist, this is unacceptable! Unacceptable! Ugh!
Paimon: Uh, don't worry, Paimon gets you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I suggest hiring someone else.
Paimon: Oh, don't be like that! Paimon's really interested in Tsurumi Island, too...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is there any other way?
Sumida: If you don't mind... I can contact all the other people who took this commission before. Perhaps a discussion might yield some kind of breakthrough...
Sumida: Don't worry, I won't decrease your pay over this!
Paimon: Paimon reckons this is a great idea! What do you think, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No harm in trying.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I'm quite interested in investigating Tsurumi Island anyway.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So long as I'm being paid fairly...
Sumida: Wonderful! You have my gratitude.
Sumida: I'll contact the people I commissioned before. Give me a while to prepare, and then we'll meet back here.


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