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A Long Shot is the sixth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


  1. Venture beyond the seal
    • Enter the Domain Storming Terror. The battle is split into two parts for the two crystals Dvalin has on his back.
  2. Ride the winds to defeat Dvalin
    • The first part is the same air battle from Dragon Storm, with the addition of dodging Dvalin's attacks and flying through rings.
    • You control only the Traveler for this part, regardless of whether the Traveler is part of your active party or not.
    • If you find yourself having a difficult time dodging, eat something that regenerates health over time like Radish Veggie Soup.
    • When Dvalin accelerates out of your attack range, destroy Anemo orbs to create acceleration rings. Fly through the rings to catch up to him.
  3. Defeat Dvalin
    • The second part is fighting Dvalin. Venti will be added to your party.
    • You can use Venti or other long-range fighters to attack Dvalin when he's flying.
    • Breaking Dvalin's shield will cause him to collapse on a platform and expose the crystal. You have enough time to climb up his neck and attack it, or enter Aimed Shot Mode with Venti and shoot at the crystal.
    • When the floor is covered with white cracks that constantly deal damage, glide a couple of platforms away until you land on a safe one.




(During the first phase of the fight)
Venti: Look! There are two shiny spots on Dvalin's back!
Venti: They appear to be poisonous blood clots that have coagulated on his wounds...
Venti: The Abyss Order must have cursed the wounds. That's what's corrupting Dvalin's mind.
Venti: To save Dvalin, we're going to have to get rid of those blood clots.
Venti: Aim for those blood clots!
Venti: Dvalin is getting away... but I am familiar with his tactics. Just hold on a bit longer.
Venti: I'll extract and condense the pure Anemo from the shots being fired.
Venti: Shattering them will create acceleration currents.
Venti: I can't control where they will appear, so keep your eyes peeled.
Venti: Shatter the condensed Anemo orbs to create acceleration currents.
Venti: I know it's hard to tell amidst the barrage of bullets, but this is the only way.
Venti: Dvalin... I'm sorry this is hurting you... Hang on, just one more!

(During the second phase of the fight)
Venti: Now we can fight Dvalin on equal grounds. The grandest bard is here to help!
Venti: But first, let me be clear...
Venti: Even after hundreds of years without use, Dvalin's teeth and claws are still very dangerous.
Venti: A-ha, this is Dvalin's ace in the hole: Caelestinum Finale Termini!
Paimon: ...This dragon has strange taste when it comes to naming things.
Venti: I named it for him just now.
Paimon: Seriously!?
Venti: Well... Anyway, let's ride the wind currents and stay away from the breaking platforms.
Venti: The energy flooding out from the fissures will be hot. Be sure to watch your step.
Venti: Now is our chance! Aim for the tainted blood clot on his neck!

(After defeating the Stormterror, a cutscene begins. The platforms give in, and everyone loses their footing.)
Paimon: This place is gonna collapse!
(Dvalin rescues everyone from falling, and flies away with everyone on his back)
Venti: It's been a while since we flew like this together, huh, Dvalin?
Dvalin: Just now... Why... Why did you not ask me to protect you like the last time?
Venti: Me not wanting you to listen to the Abyss Order doesn't mean that you have to listen to me.
Venti: Freedom, if demanded of you by an archon, is really no freedom at all.
Dvalin: Is this... the power of the Anemo Archon? But I am no longer part of the Four Winds.
Venti: Even if that's so, you still protected us regardless.
Venti: Now, spread your wings of freedom and go with my blessing.
(Back in Mondstadt)
Jean: And so, the Stormterror threat was quelled.
Jean: I clarified the misunderstanding to the citizens of Mondstadt
Jean: and let them know that they are safe.
Jean: To them it seems Stormterror attacked Mondstadt out of nowhere
Jean: and then vanished just as quickly.
Jean: They must be finding the whole ordeal very confusing.
Venti: However, winds change their course.
Venti: Someday, they will blow towards a brighter future.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English A Long Shot
Wèile Qīngsè De Shēnyǐng
For the Green Figure
Wèile Qīngsè De Shēnyǐng
Japanese 青の姿のために
Ao no Sugata no Tame ni
For the One in Green
Korean 푸른 그림자를 위해
Pureun Geurimjareul Wihae
For the Blue Shadow
Spanish Para la sombra índigoFor the Indigo Shadow
French Pour l'ombre cyanFor the Cyan Shadow
Russian Синяя тень
Sinyaya ten'
A Deep Blue Shadow
Thai เพื่อเงาสีฟ้านั่น
For That Sky Blue Shadow
Vietnamese Vì Bóng Hình Màu XanhFor the Green Shadow
German Für einen dunklen SchattenFor a Dark Shadow
Indonesian Demi Bayang-bayang HijauFor the Green Shadow
Portuguese Uma Sombra AzulA Blue Shadow

Change History

Released in Version 1.0