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A Long Shot is the sixth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Prologue, Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


  1. Venture beyond the seal
    • Enter the Domain Storming Terror. The battle is split into two parts for the two crystals Dvalin has on his back.
  2. Ride the winds to defeat Dvalin
    • The first part is the same air battle from Dragon Storm, with the addition of dodging Dvalin's attacks and flying through rings.
    • You control only the Traveler for this part, regardless of whether the Traveler is part of your active party or not.
    • If you find yourself having a difficult time dodging, eat something that regenerates health over time like Radish Veggie Soup.
    • When Dvalin accelerates out of your attack range, destroy anemo orbs to create acceleration rings. Fly through the rings to catch up to him.
  3. Defeat Dvalin
    • The second part is fighting Dvalin. Venti will be added to your party.
    • You can use Venti or other long-range fighters to attack Dvalin when he's flying.
    • Breaking Dvalin's shield will cause him to collapse on a platform and expose the crystal. You have enough time to climb up his neck and attack it, or enter Aimed Shot Mode with Venti and shoot at the crystal.
    • When the floor is covered with white cracks that constantly deal damage, glide a couple of platforms away until you land on a safe one.




(During the first phase of the fight)
Venti: Look! There are two shiny spots on Dvalin's back!
Venti: They appear to be poisonous blood clots that have coagulated on his wounds...
Venti: The Abyss Order must have cursed the wounds. That's what's corrupting Dvalin's mind.
Venti: To save Dvalin, we're going to have to get rid of those blood clots.
Venti: Aim for those blood clots!
Venti: Dvalin is getting away... but I am familiar with his tactics. Just hold on a bit longer.
Venti: I'll extract and condense the pure Anemo from the shots being fired.
Venti: Shattering them will create acceleration currents.
Venti: I can't control where they will appear, so keep your eyes peeled.
Venti: Shatter the condensed Anemo orbs to create acceleration currents.
Venti: I know it's hard to tell amidst the barrage of bullets, but this is the only way.
Venti: Dvalin... I'm sorry this is hurting you... Hang on, just one more!

(During the second phase of the fight)
Venti: Now we can fight Dvalin on equal grounds. The grandest bard is here to help!
Venti: But first, let me be clear...
Venti: Even after hundreds of years without use, Dvalin's teeth and claws are still very dangerous.
Venti: A-ha, this is Dvalin's ace in the hole: Caelestinum Finale Termini!
Paimon: ...This dragon has strange taste when it comes to naming things.
Venti: I named it for him just now.
Paimon: Seriously!?
Venti: Well... Anyway, let's ride the wind currents and stay away from the breaking platforms.
Venti: The energy flooding out from the fissures will be hot. Be sure to watch your step.
Venti: Now is our chance! Aim for the tainted blood clot on his neck!

(After defeating the Stormterror, a cutscene begins. The platforms give in, and everyone loses their footing.)
Paimon: This place is gonna collapse!
(Dvalin rescues everyone from falling, and flies away with everyone on his back)
Venti: It's been a while since we flew like this together, huh, Dvalin?
Dvalin: Just now... Why... Why did you not ask me to protect you like the last time?
Venti: Me not wanting you to listen to the Abyss Order doesn't mean that you have to listen to me.
Venti: Freedom, if demanded of you by an archon, is really no freedom at all.
Dvalin: Is this... the power of the Anemo Archon? But I am no longer part of the Four Winds.
Venti: Even if that's so, you still protected us regardless.
Venti: Now, spread your wings of freedom and go with my blessing.
(Back in Mondstadt)
Jean: And so, the Stormterror threat was quelled.
Jean: I clarified the misunderstanding to the citizens of Mondstadt
Jean: and let them know that they are safe.
Jean: To them it seems Stormterror attacked Mondstadt out of nowhere
Jean: and then vanished just as quickly.
Jean: They must be finding the whole ordeal very confusing.
Venti: However, winds change their course.
Venti: Someday, they will blow towards a brighter future.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0