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Start the quest by picking up one of the Ancient Investigation Journals in Dragonspine, Mondstadt. (Location in Notes)

  1. Return to the base camp and ask the researchers for clues regarding the journal.
  2. Obtain two of the following steps, based on which books you don't yet have:
    • (If you haven't found Book 1) Go to the "cellar in the southwestern ruins" to search for journals
    • (If you haven't found Book 2) Head for the "secret chamber" to search for journals
    • (If you haven't found Book 3) Head to "South Base Camp" to search for journals
  3. Give the gathered journals to Stevens

Ancient Investigation Journals



(After picking up an Ancient Investigation Journal)
Paimon: What's this?
Paimon: Seems like some sort of records left behind by someone who once investigated the area.
Paimon: (Traveler), Paimon bets these will be of great value— Um, historical value to someone. Let's go ask around.

(Talk to Stevens)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png I found this.
Stevens: Huh? Up on the mountain? Let me take a look...
Stevens: Wow, what a find! This is a priceless treasure.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Treasure...?
Paimon: Treasure!?
Stevens: ...A treasure trove of knowledge for the history enthusiast, I mean.
Stevens: Once, on a research trip, I read some ancient historical annals.
Stevens: I remember one of them, from before the time of the Knights of Favonius, talked about a team sent by the aristocrats to investigate the mountain.
Stevens: For some reason, though, the annals provide next to no details about what the investigation team found...
Stevens: If this is one of the journals kept by that investigation team, it will serve as an immensely valuable historical source for researchers.
Stevens: Would you be willing to go back into the mountains and see if you can find any more of them?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to me!
Stevens: Really? Thank you ever so much!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Depends if there's treasure...
Stevens: Haha, in terms of material wealth... I can't guarantee there will be.
Stevens: But for helping me, I will make sure to provide you with compensation of a suitably material nature. A reward for your great contribution to academic research.
Stevens: Based on what I'm reading here... The team investigated three sites in total.
Stevens: One of them was where you found this — so that leaves two more.
Stevens: Let me see... here, and... here. I've marked them out on your map.
Stevens: Thank you for agreeing to this, and please be careful out there!

(Upon approaching the "cellar in the southwestern ruins")
Paimon: This is one of the locations mentioned by Stevens too.
Paimon: Wow... This door's huge! Do you think the journal is somewhere around here?
(Obtain Ancient Investigation Journal: Part I after opening the Exquisite Chest nearby)
Paimon: This should be the journal we're looking for. Why is it here... Never mind, let's take a look!
(Open the Exquisite Chest in the "secret chamber")
Paimon: This should be the journal we're looking for. What's written inside? Paimon's curious!
(Upon investigating the shelves in Starglow Cavern)
Paimon: This should be the journal we're looking for. No time to waste, open it!

(Return to Stevens after obtaining all three journals)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png About those journals...
Stevens: You found the rest of them? Amazing! Here, let me take a look...
Stevens: Hmm... Wow, my goodness... Wait, if this detail is correct...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What have you found out?
Stevens: Oh, uh... Sorry, I was lost in thought. Ahem.
Stevens: Thank you, these investigation journals are of rather significant historical value. There is a serious dearth of detail on this topic in the existing literature, as all the available sources only make passing reference to some mysterious investigation team formed once by the aristocrats...
Stevens: These journals you found will help fill in some major gaps in the historical record.
Stevens: Now, we finally have answers to the questions of why so little information on the investigation appears elsewhere — and why nothing of relevance beyond the initial departure of the team is recorded in the annals.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I think I understand what happened, too.
Stevens: Yes, well... Although there are still a fair few minor details to straighten out, the overal picture is becoming very clear.
Paimon: ...Paimon doesn't get it!
Stevens: Well, all the evidence — or lack thereof — would suggest that not one member of the investigation returned to Mondstadt. But, these journals suggest there's a chance that one of them, called Eberhart, may have managed to escape...
Stevens: Since there is no record of his return in Mondstadt, however... The million-Mora question is: Where did he go?
Stevens: Many other details need corroborating, too...
Stevens: But without a doubt, this doesn't detract from how valuable these are as historical sources.
Stevens: I am most grateful to you. Please take this for your trouble.
Stevens: Any other books you find while out exploring the mountains, I'd be much obliged if you could bring them to me on your return.
Stevens: Eberhart... Where did you go...


Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.2
  • A Land Entombed was released.