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A Fishy Flavor is a daily commission that occurs in Asase Shrine, Inazuma.


  1. Talk to Neko
  2. Feed the little cats with Fish
  3. Report back to Neko


This commission grants the following AR-dependent rewards upon completion:

Primogem Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Fine Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore
12–15 10 175 2,775 25 1–4 0–1
16–20 10 200 3,200 30 1–4 0–1
21–25 10 200 3,625 35 1–3 0–2
26–30 10 225 4,050 35 1–3 0–2
31–35 10 225 4,475 40 1–3 0–2
36–40 10 250 4,900 45 0–2 1–3
41–45 10 250 5,325 50 0–2 1–3
46–50 10 250 5,750 50 0–2 1–3
51–55 10 250 6,150 55 0–1 1–4
56–60 10 250 6,575 60 0–1 1–4


UI Quest.png Quest Description

"Neko," the Asase Shrine's provisionary head priestess, seems to be troubled about something...
Neko: What an unteachable lot...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's wrong?
Neko: Ah, it's you. Those little ones have run off yet again. They really are growing most rebellious...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you need any help?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Need us to go look for them?
Neko: Now that you have hung those metal balls around the shrine, I believe that they will be able to find their way back.
Neko: It is not a bad thing, perhaps, for them to go a little wild outside, lest they make a fool of themselves in front of the humans and disgrace the shrine.
Neko: But if they should go overboard and go hungry from when the suns hangs high to when the moon comes up... That would not be good either.
Neko: Well then, please bring these fish to those little rascals so that they may eat.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alright then.
Paimon: Let's pass our map to Neko to mark out, shall we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Here's our map...
Neko: Mmm, it seems that you do not lack comprehension...
Neko starts to mark the map...
Neko: Alright then. Go now, and quickly. I have matters of the shrine to attend to yet.
(Talk to Neko again)
Neko: Bring those fish to the little ones, and quickly. I have matters of the shrine to attend to yet.

(If the kittens were fed)
Paimon: Well, looks like the kittens have all gathered around.
Paimon: Paimon wonders if Neko's given them all names or not...
(If the kittens were scared away)
Paimon: Wait! What are you doing!?
Paimon: Ugh, now they've all run away! ...Th—They're gonna tell on us to Neko, aren't they...

(Report back to Neko)
(If the kittens were fed)
Neko: You have returned. Have you fed those rascals?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes.
Neko: Good, good. You have my thanks. Without your aid, those children would have played and played... and then they would have gone hungry outside.
Neko: *sigh* What a bunch of disobedient children. How will they be fit to receive the people coming to the shrine this way...
(If the kittens were scared away)
Neko: You have returned. It is strange. Those children suddenly all came back, and they looked mighty frightened, too.
Neko: Did they meet some hairy churls outside, the ones with the sticks?
Neko: Still, they did come back... Wait, what is the matter with you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh, actually, I...
Neko: ...You... unfathomable human! What possessed you to do that?
Neko: You could simply have played with these children the normal way...
Neko: Meow! No wonder they were so frightened... You must go and comfort them.
Neko: Really, now. I suppose it was a bit much to ask for all humans to be like Hibiki...

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English A Fishy Flavor
"Yú zhī Wèi"
Flavor of Fish
"Yú zhī Wèi"
Japanese 魚の味
Sakana no Aji
Flavor of Fish
Korean 생선의 맛
Spanish Sabor a pescadoFishy Taste
French La saveur du poissonThe Flavor of Fish
Russian Запах рыбы
Zapakh ryby
The Flavor of Fish
Thai รสชาติปลา
Fish Flavor
Vietnamese Mùi Vị CáFish Flavor
German FischgeschmackFish Aroma
Indonesian Aroma IkanFish Aroma
Portuguese Um Sabor de PeixeA Flavor of Fish

Change History

Released in Version 2.1
Version 2.2
  • English dialogue was revised to change Neko's manner of referring to herself from "this one" to "I."

Version 2.1

  • A Fishy Flavor was released.