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  1. Talk to Lan in Liyue Harbor
  2. Talk to Tiantian in Liyue Harbor
  3. Defeat the monsters, including a Lawachurl, then destroy the barricades
  4. Talk to Tiantian
  5. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders, then talk to Tiantian


(Talk to Lan)
Lan: Oh, you're here. I can see you've been on quite a few adventures recently.
Lan: As it happens, I do have some matters that require an experienced adventuring hand to resolve.
Lan: If you're interested, go look for Tiantian. I've delegated the task of distributing commissions to her.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What about you?
Lan: Me? Nothing's come up that interests me so far, and at a time like this... the Adventurer's Guild needs someone to hold the fort.
Lan: Alright, then. If you'd like to take this task on, go look for Tiantian. She needs to grow up sometime, anyway.
(Talk to Lan again)
Lan Was there anything else?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Have you found that sword of yours?
Lan ...Huh, to think you still remember that. Unfortunately, no. I still don't have the foggiest idea where it might be.
Lan It seems I'm still at square one, waiting for things to happen.
Lan If anything related to that matter crops up, I might come looking for you — When that happens, I'll be counting on you.

(After finding Tiantian)
Tiantian: A-Are you an adventurer? Are you here to accept commissions?
Tiantian: Uh, please... wait a moment, let me see what I have here... "Speed Glider," "Outdoor Survival Experience Guide," "Free Climbing Instructor Wanted..."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That doesn't sound like the Adventurer's Guild...
Tiantian: I know, and Lan says so too! But all the adventurers I've read about in books were something like this...
Tiantian: If I don't give out these commissions, what should I give out, then...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Something like "beat up monsters," perhaps?
Tiantian: I-Isn't that dangerous? I mean, there are a lot of them around Lisha, and they are a threat to passers-by.
Tiantian: But normal people don't stand a chance against them. They might even get hurt...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well then, leave it to me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Adventurers are anything but ordinary.
Tiantian: Is that so... W-Well then, I'll let you handle it. I'll discuss your payment with Lan later.
(Talk to Tiantian again)
Tiantian: Do all adventurers do these dangerous things?
Tiantian: But what if they get injured...

(Return to Tiantian after defeating the monsters)
Tiantian: Eh? You're back already? Have you completed the commission?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Done, and done!
Tiantian: That's... really impressive. I went back to the Guild to reorganize our commissions based on the one I gave you.
Tiantian: There was a whole mountain of commissions related to defeating monsters. So adventurers are supposed to do this sort of thing all the time...
Tiantian: But other than monsters, there've been reports that say that Treasure Hoarders have been seen along the roads.
Tiantian: Is this really also something Adventurer's Guild should do? It feels like it falls under the job scope of the Millelith.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We can do it.
Tiantian: Huh. Adventurers can really do anything, it seems.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If the money's good...
Tiantian: Well then, I will prepare adequate compensation for you — so please take this commission, too!
Paimon: Wait, another one already? We haven't gotten our...
Tiantian: There'll be further compensation! I've already discussed this with Lan. So as long as you complete the next commission, you'll receive further payment.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, that sounds more like it.
Tiantian: I'll be counting on you, then.
Tiantian: Well, that's two commissions down.
Tiantian: The secret method Lan taught me to "get adventurers to take commissions gladly" really works...
(Talk to Tiantian again)
Tiantian: I'll leave it to you then, adventurer!
Tiantian: The secret method Lan taught me to "get adventurers to take commissions gladly" really works...

(After defeating the Treasure Hoarders and returning to Tiantian)
Tiantian: Have you finished the commissions?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You bet I have.
Tiantian: Wow... so this is the strength of an adventurer.
Tiantian: Well, um, if you don't mind, could you answer some of my questions about adventurers and commissions?
Tiantian: Other than defeating monsters, what other commissions do adventurers take?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We also help people fix carts and houses.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We help people pick flowers and catch fish.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We send takeout and play with children.
Tiantian: Whoa, doesn't that just mean that you adventurers do everything? I never knew.
Tiantian: Thank you! I'll make note of it for sure... Ah yes, right. This is your repayment, please take it. It's as generous as can be, you know!
Tiantian: Next time you're here to take commissions from me, I'll make sure to give you the best ones!

Change History

Released in Version 1.0