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"The Spring Mist Weaves the Sakura Rain" is a Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot.

A blueprint for "The Spring Mist Weaves the Sakura Rain" cannot be obtained, but the furnishing itself can be obtained as a reward upon raising the Sacred Sakura's Favor level to 50.

Interacting with the cat statue in front of the tree makes it meow, while rays of light appear (daytime only) and sakura petals start to fall around player. One of the petals appears on the statue's nose and, unlike others, doesn't start to fall immediately.


Other Languages

Language Official Name
English "The Spring Mist Weaves the Sakura Rain"
"Mèngjiàn Huāxiá Zhīyīngyǔ"
"Mèngjiàn Huāxiá Zhīyīngyǔ"
Japanese 「夢見の霞と櫻雨」
Korean 「꿈속의 노을빛 벚꽃 비」
Spanish Sueños bajo el cerezo
French « Brume printanière tissant une pluie de cerisiers »[• 1]
Russian Сны под вишнёвым дождём
Sny pod vishnyovym dozhdyom
Thai "ฝนดอกซากุระในความฝัน"
Vietnamese "Mơ thấy hoa hạ dệt mưa anh đào"
German „Frühlingsnebel webt den Sakura-Regen“
Indonesian "Kabut Musim Semi Menenun Hujan Sakura"
Portuguese "A Névoa da Primavera Tece a Chuva da Sakura"
  1. FR Literal Meaning: "Srping Mist Weaving a Cherry Tree Rain"

Change History

Released in Version 2.4