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"Seabird's Sojourn" is a Special Dish that the player has a chance to obtain by cooking Poisson Seafood Soup with Freminet. The recipe for Poisson Seafood Soup is obtainable from Sanguinetti in Hotel Debord for 5,000 Mora.

"Seabird's Sojourn" restores 34% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 980 HP every 5s for 30s. Like most foods, this has no effect for other players in Co-Op Mode.


Fish 4 Fish
Mint 2 Mint
Icon Cooking Recipe
"Seabird's Sojourn"Regeneration 1 "Seabird's Sojourn"


Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
English"Seabird's Sojourn"
"Hǎiniǎo de Zhùzú"
"Hǎiniǎo de Zhùzú"
"Umidori no Hitoyasumi"
Korean「바다새의 쉼터」
"Badasae'ui Swimteo"
"Seabird's Shelter"
SpanishLa migración de las gaviotasThe Migration of the Gulls
FrenchPause de l'oiseau de merSeabird's Break
Russian«Пристанище морской птицы»
"Pristanishche morskoy ptitsy"
"Seabird's Refuge"
Thai"Seabird's Sojourn"
VietnameseBến Đỗ Của Chim Biển
GermanAufenthalt eines Seevogels"Sojourn of a Seabird"
Indonesian"Seabird's Sojourn"
PortugueseViagem do Pássaro do Mar
Turkish"Deniz Kuşunun Yolculuğu""Sea Bird's Journey"
ItalianSoggiorno dell'uccello marinoSeabird's Sojourn

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