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"Feather-Light Praise" is a creatable Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot.

The blueprint for "Feather-Light Praise" is obtainable from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×240.

This item's blueprint was temporarily obtainable from the Midsummer Island Adventure event shop in Version 1.6, and has been permanently added to the Realm Depot stock in Version 2.1.


First time creation grants Trust Trust ×90.

Icon_Creation_Small.pngCreation for 16 hours
  • Item Pine Wood.png 4 Pine Wood
  • Item Fabric.png 8 Fabric
  • Creates "Feather-Light Praise" "Feather-Light Praise" ×1

    Furnishing Sets

    No recipes use this item.

    Other Languages

    LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
    English"Feather-Light Praise"
    "Qīngyǔ De Lǐzàn"
    "Qīngyǔ De Lǐzàn"
    Umou no sanbi
    Korean「깃털의 예찬」
    SpanishSaludo emplumadoFeather-Covered Greeting
    French« Louange à la légèreté de plume »"Praise to Feather Lightness"
    RussianЛёгкая похвала
    Lyogkaya pokhvala
    Khon Nok Haeng Kan Chelim Chonong
    VietnameseLời Ca Tụng Bay Bổng
    German„Lobpreis der Feder“"Praise of the Feather"
    Indonesian"Penghargaan Seringan Bulu""Feather-Light Praise"
    Portuguese"Elogio das Penas Leves"

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.6
    Version 2.1
    • The blueprint for "Feather-Light Praise" was added to the Realm Depot Furnishing Blueprints shop.

    Version 1.6